How much is Rafael Devers worth according to Big Papi

Rafael Devers could collect many millions of dollars in his new contract with the Boston Red Sox.

The Dominican slugger will enter 2022 in his second year of arbitration as a professional baseball player. He is expected to earn good money to try to put together a good deal for the next few years.

David Ortiz, club legend and new member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, explained that Devers is the new face of Boston just as he was during his glorious internship with the Red Sox.

“Devers (Rafael) is a great boy, above all, who has the merits, since he is a guy who resolves and has been a blessing for the team”told the Dominican star in a public act.

Devers in the 2021 Major League season justified Big Papi’s words. He batted .279 with 38 home runs and 113 RBIs.

Barely 25 years old, the Dominican player has become one of the best players in the business.

David Ortiz

Devers is currently represented by the Rep 1 sports agency, which has players such as Ronald Acuña Jr. and Chicago White Sox star Eloy Jiménez.

Since he debuted in the best baseball in the world. Devers has been considered one of Boston’s best players. He accumulates 112 homers and 337 RBIs for life and an average of .279.

“That guy is the face of the franchise, the team should have given him a mega contract a long time ago,” Daddy Ortiz said.

Boston must remain wary of large-scale contracts. They want to forget what they did with Pablo Sandoval in which they dumped a large number of millions of dollars for the services of the Venezuelan.

Currently in the Major Leagues there is a lockout. The players included in the 40-man roster of the big tent cannot attend the training complexes, nor be in negotiations with their currencies in economic terms, so Devers will have to wait for everything to be clarified so that he can continue talking about business with Boston.

“I want the boys to keep working so that when the matter is resolved they go and get their hands on it,” Ortiz confessed about the desires he has for his former teammates.

According to a calculation made by the MLBTraderumos portal, the Dominican should be earning close to 11 million American greenbacks in 2022, which would substantially increase his earnings within the MLB after clearly salary arbitration.

By 2023, Devers, with more experience and seniority in his club and obviously more hierarchy to be able to discuss a new contract, should be among the best paid on the North American circuit, either with Boston or with any other club.

Until now, a reference to what or how much he could earn after 2022 would be Juan Soto, who is one of the men who will deposit the most money in his coffers. He rejected an offer of 350 million dollars for just over 10 years of contract for what would mean his financial support for his entire life.

That is why 25 to 35 million could be a good figure for Devers if he were to stay healthy for a long period. The Boston Red Sox are one of the clubs that pay the highest year among professional baseball players.

One of the points that his agent and Devers will take is that he is already a world champion with Boston so the guts of the aforementioned can rise when they have to meet with the club’s board.

Another sensational year for Devers is what awaits him for the season that should begin soon if the Players Association and the MLB agree.

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer could sabotage David Ortiz’s induction to HOF.

According to a projection by Baseball Reference the infielder born 25 years ago in Sánchez would be leaving some 113 runs taken to the cash register and 38 homers, a phenomenal help for Boston’s aspirations who have fallen short in recent years.

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How much is Rafael Devers worth according to Big Papi