How does Yadier want to say goodbye to GL?

When the final moment of Yadier Molina’s career with the St. Louis Cardinals arrives, the star catcher already knows how he wants to live his last moment on a baseball field:

“I would like to defend. I want that last out to be a strikeout so I can catch it and hug that ball and never let go of it again,” he told us in this interview we conducted.

Regarding the fate of that ball, the Cardinals mask does not know what to do with it:

“Don’t know. Save it or I imagine that she would give it to Pujols or Wainwright or well… we cut it right in the middle,” Molina said with a laugh.

Yadier and Albert’s friendship can be seen in every action. Both went out to give the interviews together and then, they began to warm their arms with each other like in the old days. They talk about things and laugh. The affection and respect they have for each other is palpable from wherever one is in the stadium.

“It is very special to have a Hall of Famer by your side for one more season and the last. It is to be appreciated. We have a very good relationship. We have grown up together and this is an honor for me, ”Molina said about his friend, Albert Pujols.

Despite seeing in his face the passion for the game, Yadi seems to be at peace with the active game and although he is ready for an unforgettable season, he can already be seen excited for what comes after finishing this final contest as an active player. , to take his first steps as leader of the Navegantes del Magallanes team in Venezuela.

“I had it planned for a long time. He wanted to lead in Puerto Rico, but all the teams had managers. In the future I dream of doing it with the WBSC in the World Classic directing the Boricua team. This was something that we made the decision with my family and I am very excited.”

As for his plans for 2022, Molina thinks big and dreams of one more title:

“I want to win another ring to say goodbye.”

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How does Yadier want to say goodbye to GL?