Holguín ANNOUNCED CHANGES in the preselection, Paumier and 2 others RETURN TO Cuba

By Daniel de Malas / contacto@swingcompleto.com

The National Series of the 2021-2022 season does not yet have a start date, but several provinces remain active waiting for the green light to start training and get ready. One of them is Holguín, which announced changes in its preselection to Series 61.

As reported by the local site Now, the Cubs gave 9 casualties and 3 highs, for a total of 47 players, of which 3 return from abroad while the Cuban campaign does not coincide with that of their respective international leagues.

The most important case is that of Yunior Paumier, who announced a year ago that he would not play in Cuba but in Nicaragua, but now he reports that “from Canada he showed his interest in returning to play with the Cubs, after fulfilling his commitment in the Nicaraguan league.

Holguín, which is also launching a new Provincial Commissioner (Leonardo Paris), would also have the return of Geydis Soler (who plays in Russia) and Noel González (Italy).

The catcher Raudelín Legrá, who was with the Industriales de La Habana, would also return with the Cubs.

Héctor Hernández continues as manager of the Holguineros and clarified that “they have not been idle and every week the technical group of the Preselection has met in the stands of the Stadium to follow up on the agreed contingency plans.”

And that “The coaches have maintained remote communication with the players in the areas they serve, related to their exercises and physical practices at home.”

We leave you with the updated Holguín Cubs preselection:

Catchers: Franklin Aballe, Raudelín Legrá, Henry Benítez, Michael Álvarez, Luis Laffita and Víctor Paz.

Infielders: Yéison Pacheco, Edilse Silva, Michel Gorgüet, Yordan Manduley, Noel González, Yunior Paumier, Máikel Cáceres, Ernesto Torres, Marnolkis Aguiar, Ihuner Anache, Luis Raúl Domínguez, Darío Pérez and Adriel Hechavarría.

Outfielders: Jorge Luis Peña, Yasiel González, Laindel Leyva, Leandro Aguilera, Lionar Carballo, Geydis Soler and Edwar Magaña.

Pitchers: Wilson Paredes, Yusmel Velázquez, Carlos Alberto Santiesteban, Rubén Rodríguez, José Antonio Sánchez, Michel Cabrera, Carlos Enrique Vera, Yoidel Castañeda, José Rodríguez, Uberleidis Estévez, Enmanuel Chapman, Luis Santos, Jesús Enrique Pérez, Luis Ángel Gómez, Yadian Campbell , Norge Luis Cobas, Dairon Portuondo, Yunier Suárez, Ramiro Rodríguez, Jorge Luis Matos and Rafael Sánchez.