HIS OWN Houston teammates broke up with Justin Verlander

By Jesús Alaín Fernández Lorenzo

The 2021 season has been one of victories for the Houston Astros. The champion team of the controversial 2017 World Series managed to walk the entire regular season and then with a firm step to leave behind its rivals on duty during the Division and Championship Series.

Many-favorite White Sox fell to the other Cuban-infested team in the Big Top and then the other Sox, this time the Reds, went down on their offense to die slowly but painfully to the Houston hitters.

The batting has been extraordinary, led by the average leader in the entire American League, Yuli Gurriel, and by the MVP of the Championship Series, the also Caribbean Yordan Álvarez. But pitching right now is the weak point after the departure of star figure Lance McCullers for the remainder of the season.

And while it is not the cure to his ills, because he has yet to be away from the ball, the presence of Justin verlander in the clubhouse, the same way in which Albert Pujols removed the foundations of Chávez Ravine could well be taken advantage of.

“Rumor suggests that Houston Astros players turned Justin Verlander off from making the first pitch. Is this true? GO BACK TO DETROIT, WHERE YOU ARE LOVED! “

The stellar right-hander could not pitch in the 2021 season due to his Tommy Johns surgery, but the heaviest men on the team, Correa, Bregman and Altuve, firmly believe that he could well contribute with his knowledge and experience to the playing area that he felt the most. the attacks of the 162-game season.

Justin was going to be invited to pitch the first pitch of game one of the White Sox-Astros Division Series, but the opposition from the clubhouse was enough to persuade the board. A player of Verlander’s caliber could have contributed without even wearing the uniform.

Now Justin ends his contract at the close of the World Series and his position within the team puts him almost back into free agency, coming out of injury, and getting into the job search.

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HIS OWN Houston teammates broke up with Justin Verlander