Hero or villain? A man catches a baseball without dropping his beer glass, but his baby almost fell

1625628248 Hero or villain A man catches a baseball without dropping

A dramatic moment was lived in the middle of the game of when a father made an incredible catch while holding his baby and a beer during a baseball game … and neither of them falls! Although he almost let go of his son for doing that feat.

The footage of a man catching a ball while holding his baby and a beer is a bit harsh for some.. Release a child while catching a ball in the air can be considered a huge irresponsibility on the one hand.

Still, many have considered that the man had an incredible reaction in the footage. This dramatic moment took place during a game of the from Arizona on Phoenix

Celebrating the remarkable feat of their coordination, the father raises his arms high, holding to the baby, the beer and the ball in triumph. After all, it is not every day that a man catches a ball while holding his and one beer.

It is true that he spilled a small amount of his beer during his actuation in the blink of an eye, but it is still a very impressive display of skill, although somewhat risky.

The video in that went viral in a short time has accumulated more than half a million likes and more than 11 million views. Although now the man must explain to his wife why he let the baby go in an instant and not put down his beer, he can celebrate his triumph with many fans of the Baseball.



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