Here’s what Padres Manager said after playoff elimination

Great disappointment has left among the fans the elimination of San Diego Padres from MLB playoffs, a team that seemed to have everything to fight up to the leadership of the National and that now will have to rethink a lot for the next season, one of the main signs of failure? Jayce tingler, the manager.

But can the elimination of a team have “culprits”? We say no, less in Major League Baseball being one of the most competitive leagues in all of sport. What there may be are “reasons” why a team has been eliminated and we see a few that have precipitated the fall of San Diego:

1.- The pitching.

Injuries, poor performance and lack of depth in his rotation and bull pen. The second half of the season disaster can be attributed to the tiredness of your arms.

2.- Lack of batting.

Obviously, no team is left out of the post-season if they did not miss the pitching and batting … but be careful: it is not the fault of Tatis Jr and Machado. We remind you that Tatis Jr brings MVP numbers and Machado left another consistent campaign. Here too it is a problem of depth, for a team to stay afloat in a 162-game campaign requires players to appear when the others shut down. And that did not happen here.

3.- The Manager?

Don’t judge us, we can’t stand Tingler as well as many of the San Diego fans who are blaming him for the elimination right now, but we can’t see him as guilty.

This is because the role of managers is less and less in modern baseball where everything is decided based on the analysis of numbers and the recommendations of the analytical team. If anything, a current manager is a kind of motivator, human resources manager and team spokesperson, but even the bull pen (which was one of the things that the coaches had left) is already managed based on recommendations from analytics and pre-game pre-game scenarios.

Tingler is just as guilty of Padres’ good or bad performance as his analytics team, if at all.

Now, we do think: that the dougout got out of hand and that he did not fulfill well one of the few current responsibilities of major league managers: group manager.

The scene of Tatis Jr and Machado fighting in the dougout is attributable to Tingler and his management of the group in our opinion.

And what does Tingler think of the allegations from Padres fans asking for his head after the playoff elimination?

Here are the videos, first responding to your general opinion after being deleted …

Then, when asked to “rate” his disappointment after not making the postseason team (strange question certainly but heyooo):

And here when they asked him if he thinks the Padres have a playoff team and if yes then he was absent. This is the most interesting question to be obvious that yes and then give rise to your interpretation of where the fault was:

  • Lack of offense
  • Defensive failures
  • Lack of pitching
  • And his inability to “support” players who were having a hard time.

I mean everything. And he also reminded us that in his division are the Dodgers and the Giants, two of the best teams in MLB right now.