He missed 5 million! The Blue Jays fan who let Aaron Judge’s historic ball slip

New York Yankees player Aaron Judge tied the record for 61 home runs in a single season that Roger Maris owned alone in the American League. Judge’s home run helped the Big Apple team win 8-3 on their visit to the Toronto Blue Jays, although the protagonist of this story is an aficionado named Frankie Lasagna.

Lasagna will be remembered as the man who He was nowhere near catching the historic ball that Judge hit and that in fact he reached to touch with his glove, but in the end, it escaped him. Frankie is a 37-year-old Toronto restaurant owner and Blue Jays fan.

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The fan was millimeters away from getting the ball, so when he saw that it bounced off the wall and fell into the Jays’ bullpen, he returned to his place, but not before throwing the glove to one of his friends, then he threw his cap and finally sat alone, without seeing the rest of the game, extremely frustrated and sad.

Frankie’s disjointed face was taken by the cameras and his reaction went viral that it was impossible not to want to know more about his story and he told his experience to the AP agency, to which he assured that he does not usually wear gloves to games, but this time was different. “I needed a bigger one.”

“Disbelief invades you. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I almost got it. It’s like you’re in the game, you’re fielding and getting ready for the field. When he hit the ball, it was like, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ I think I hit my friend in the neck while he was stretching me. almost got it“, said.

Why all the fuss over a ball?

It wasn’t just the thrill of getting a freshly batted ball from Aaron Judge, but a historic ball that many fans dreamed of, not just because of the statistical and anecdotal value, but for the economic one!

The ball could well reach the 250 thousand dollars at auction (about five million pesos), according to Sportingnews, with which Frankie Lasagna was able to remodel his restaurant or take a good trip to any part of the world. In other words, $250,000 fell from the gauntlet.

And what happened to the ball?

After the Jays bullpen fell, team coach Matt Buschmann picked up the ballwhich was celebrated by his wife, the reporter Sara Walsh, who celebrated her partner’s fortune on her twitter account and even jokingly planned her retirement from the media.

Nevertheless, Buschmann delivered the ball to the New York teamconsidering that such a valuable object belonged to the Yankees, for which Sara Walsh wrote: “Next I would like to announce our divorce.” ?

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He missed 5 million! The Blue Jays fan who let Aaron Judge’s historic ball slip