Gray panorama between MLB and Union endanger Opening Day

A new meeting without positive results this Saturday, October 26, the talks Come in MLB and Labor union they do not prosper and it already smells like a shortened season. Furthermore, the official Opening Day 2022 of the Major Leagues – MLB. Is in danger.

This Saturday the owners of MLB and the Players Union met again, the result is that we are still unemployed and nothing is moving forward. However, things are beginning to be in danger, because the deadline to know the start of the 2022 season is the 28th and they are still not even close to an agreement, which undoubtedly puts Opening Day in danger, which would bring consequently a shortened campaign.

MLB did not respond well to the Union’s proposal and they report that players are considering walking away from the negotiating table after the attitude of the owners today.

This happened on Saturday 26

  1. Union gave in on proposal to reduce $$$ shared income (which favors tanking), also willing to include Oakland among beneficiaries
  2. Submitted CBT counterproposal reducing $2 million in years 2-4
  3. They lowered from 75% to 35% eligibility for salary arbitration super 2
  4. They did not increase demands on minimum wages or the pre-arbitration fund.
  5. The league moved up $1 million on the CBT threshold for 2023 and didn’t budge at all on the rest of the CBT$.

Opening Day

As reported by Jeff Passan, multiple officials believe that an agreement will not be reached before the deadline (February 28) and games of the 2022 MLB season will be canceled, so a shortened campaign is in sight.

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Gray panorama between MLB and Union endanger Opening Day