Goodbye to Kershaw? These could be his last with the Dodgers

At the end of this season of Big leagues the contract for $ 93 million dollars and 3 years that the dodgers they gave their legendary ace Clayton Kershaw in 2019.

What will your destination be?

Little has been said about Keshaw’s extension to the Dodgers, or at least not as he should.

It seems that the fans, Roberts and even Kershaw himself take it for granted that the legendary Los Angeles pitcher cannot finish his career anywhere else and his renewal is almost an obligation for the Blues leadership.

Even more so after the 2020 World Series, a triumph that knew Kershaw’s personal revenge and where the pitcher had an outstanding performance leaving behind the “ghosts” of October.

Now what are the options for the 33-year-old, 13-season MLB veteran left-hander?

  1. An extension for one or two years with the Dodgers for about $ 40- $ 50 million and in which the Blues would be looking to continue measuring how long Kershaw’s arm still holds without losing too much if he is injured and without angering the fans for leaving him go to another team …
  2. Go out to free agency, where we see viable a contract of up to 3-4 years with a franchise with star pitchers but in search of depth and experience (Mets, Blue Jays, White Sox, etc.)
  3. Retirement … a possibility that we see unfeasible … unless the Dodgers do not sign him and Kershaw decides to stop more for a health issue than rest or desire to retire

And what do we bet?

We do not want to be romantic, because we understand that this baseball is a business butooooooo we cannot imagine Kershaw with any other flannel.

So we hope the Dodgers will sign him over until the legendary southpaw decides it’s time to wait for Coopertown and the Hall of Fame.