Gleyber Torres’ father says his son will remain the Yankees shortstop

Eusebio Torres who is he dad Gleyber Torres affirms that your child will remain the short field of the Yankees on the MLB.

Mr. Torres who has always been active on social media in support of his son Gleyber as a player of the Yankees, This time he has written the following message on his twitter account:

“His name is Gleyber David Torres Castro, a player who has shown solvency for 4 years in the major leagues, he is only 24 years old, does anyone doubt that he will continue to be the Sstop of the Yankees? I invite you to see the months of August, September and October …… we speak in November. “

The recovery of Yankees Since the all-star game, it has been simply spectacular, to the point of having passed in second place in the East Division of the American League and in sight the top that is in the hands of the Rays.

Undoubtedly one of the fundamental players of the Mules is Gleyber Torres And although it is true he has been absent due to injury, Mr. Eusebio is clear on what his boy is worth.

The father of Gleyber He brings out a very important detail and that is that the Creole shortstop is only 24 years old and everything he has achieved in the majors is impressive.

What cannot be stated is that towers follow as shortstop for the Mules and maybe a move to second base in 2022 will like a move, but I don’t know that much about him. Gleyber how Mr. Eusebio and at least he has confidence with his arguments, that he will be the shortstop of the Mules.

Is the father of Gleyber?