Gleyber Torres could be traded to Athletics for Matt Olson

Shortstop and second baseman Gleyber Torres of the Yankees of New York sounds viable for the change that is rumored in search of acquiring the services of Matt Olson, unot one of the best first bases of 2021

Jack Curry of the Yankees said the Mules have made calls to the Oakland Athletes to ask questions about Matt Olson, no more names have been mentioned yet and no progress has been made anywhere.

MLB writer and narrator, Danny Vietti, commented that Gleyber Torres is a free agent in 2025 and that makes a lot of sense for him to be traded by Matt OLson, the Athletes would be looking for players who are in refereeing and have plenty left. years in service.

In addition, going from a great stage like the one in New York to a stadium where not many fans go and do not fight for the playoffs like the Oakalnd Athletes, would be a blessing for the Venezuelan to vindicate his career.

Why does the change for Torres make sense?

The possible arrival of Matt Olson would force the Yankees to choose between Gleyber Torres, DJ Lemahieu and Gio Urshela. Options:

  • Olson at 1B, Torres at 2B, DJ Lemahieu 3B. (Urshela to the bench or look for a change).
  • Olson at 1B, Torres at 2B, Gio Urshela at 3B. (DJ Lemahieu to the bench, which is not going to happen given his magnificent salary).

The trade from Gleyber Torres for Matt Olson sounds pretty good in the majors, DJ Lemaheiu is not a net third baseman and he could be a problem for the Yankees in the long run. Also, it sounds convenient for the 24-year-old Venezuelan who had two luxurious years with the 27-time champions.

Do the Mules need Olson that bad?

Anthony Rizzo did not leave a good impression in the short time he was playing in New York, the signing of Freddie Freeman looks like this impossible and Olson is a southpaw who can put many fans on their feet thanks to the distance from home plate to outfield. right.

Olson hit 39 home runs with 111 RBIs and a .911 OPS in 156 games last season. The 27-year-old also won the Gold Glove twice and is expected to earn around $ 12 million through arbitration in 2022. He is not eligible to try free agency until 2024.

Note: This is 100% speculation.

Note: This is 100% speculation.

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Gleyber Torres could be traded to Athletics for Matt Olson