Giants names Webb and Gausman J1 and J2 starters at SDLN

SAN FRANCISCO – Logan webb He will start for the San Francisco Giants in Game 1 of their National League Division Series on Friday night against the St. Louis Cardinals or the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Your right-hand sidekick and winner of 14 games, Kevin Gausman, will go Saturday night in Game 2 for the NL West champions, having thrived lately with a little extra rest, something that influenced manager Gabe Kapler’s decision when he felt equally confident in both. launchers.

“Being able to pitch the first game for the best team in the league is great,” Webb said after his bullpen session Wednesday. “I’m very excited about it. I feel extra confidence when we’re here just because it’s a great place to pitch in the first place, and also the crowd here is great.”

On Sunday against San Diego, Webb led the 107-win Giants to their first NL West title since 2012 and hit a two-run home run, the first home run of his career. He is 10-0 since losing May 5 in Colorado.

“I have no doubt that there is some really good adrenaline at play here. This has been an exciting month, two months, three months for Logan on many different levels, including what happened on the batter’s box,” Kapler said. “We have seen that confidence can make your body heal well.”

With an extra day off, Gausman allowed a run in seven stellar innings in Saturday’s extra inning loss to the Padres when San Francisco. He struck out five and allowed six hits, and Kapler noted that “the extra days seemed to bring out the best speed from Gaus, the best action in the split, a little more stamina in the game.”

Webb, 24, insists he and Gausman had no preference for who would take the ball for the first game of the playoffs, proud to support each other in any way.

“Honestly, he’s more excited than I am for me,” Webb said. “He’s very good. That’s the kind of person he is. That’s it when they asked us, it doesn’t matter who throws 1 and 2, we’ll both be available for 5. That’s great for both of us. We are both confident in whatever game we do. Having a guy like that is very special to me. “

Kapler said San Francisco’s starter for Game 3 of the series Monday on the road could depend on who the Giants end up facing. It will probably be the southpaw Alex Wood or the right Anthony DeSclafani, a winner of 13 games.

“I think St. Louis or Los Angeles could influence where we decide to go for Game 3,” Kapler said.

If Webb can beat that home run he hit in front of a packed house and with so many family and friends, who knows? And just in case, he could be getting a little baseline run guide from the injured first baseman and slugger. Brandon belt.

“I was right here on the bench, I thought it was cool to see that,” said Belt, who has pitched the past two days in hopes of returning this postseason from a broken left thumb. “I just thought we had to work on his trot around the bases. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give him a negative 7. It wasn’t great. Hopefully, if he gets a few more of those, he’ll learn the correct trot around. the bases”.