Giants and Brewers among the best teams in MLB 2021

Just like Ricardo Arjona’s song, who would say that the Giants of San Francisco and the Brewers of Milwuakee would be among the best teams of the 2021 season of the Big leagues.


When the Los Angeles Dodgers signed Trevor Bauer, it was taken for granted that they were going to tour the NL West again, and I don’t think even the most optimistic Giants fan imagined this season for his team.

Similarly, when the Dodgers won the trade from Max Scherzer to the San Diego Padres, it was also taken for granted that Los Angeles would not only tie and go to San Francisco as the winning horse.

But if the Dodgers win nine games in a row, the Giants win 10 or seven in a row like now.

In baseball it is said that in a short series anything can happen and that pitching makes a difference, and that of the Dodgers looks to do it, but San Francisco has applied it to Los Angeles and that could favor or take its toll in the postseason , but these Giants look gigantic and remind me of the ones led by Bruce Bochy who were champions in 2010, 2012 and 2014.


With the Chicago Cubs with their 2016 outgoing champion players and the St. Louis Cardinals with Nolan Arenado, it was thought that among them would be the Central Division of the old circuit, but the Brewers at the tip of pitching, starter and relief in particular. with his closer Josh Hader, plus the bet on the Mexican Luis Urías, bringing Willy Adames from the Tampa Bay Rays and Eduardo Escobar from Arizona, among others.

Milwuakee is there with the Giants and the Tampa Bay Rays, a World Series between them or White Sox, Blue Jays, Athletics or Mariners, even the Padres I think would do, very well to Major League Baseball, especially if it is Brewers Vs Seattle.