From disappointment to illusion! Red Sox reinforcement continues to shine with bat and win fans

Do you remember the “disappointment” that the Red Sox on the trade deadline because its competitors sourced and the main acquisition of Boston could not play for at least two weeks due to a right hamstring injury?

Well, it turns out it was worth the wait for the return of Kyle schwarber. And it would be hard to find anyone who still thinks baseball director Chaim Bloom made a mistake by trading Schwarber for Anthony Rizzo, who went to the Yankees. Kyle schwaber he hit two homers and scored four timesWhile Chris Sale struck out eight in five innings Wednesday as the Boston Red Sox spun their seventh win, this time 12-5 over the New York Mets.

Dressed in yellow and blue, the Red Sox scored in each of the first six innings. They haven’t fallen since Sept. 13, when they lost the first of three series games in Seattle. On Friday, Boston began wearing its alternate jerseys, inspired by the city’s marathon. And after sweeping the Orioles, they kept the uniforms to sweep the Mets in two games.

The winning streak has allowed Boston to climb from fourth place in the AL East – percentage points below the playoff zone – to move to second place.

The Red Sox now lead the bid for the first wild card for the postseason, with a two-game lead over the Yankees. New York beat Texas on Wednesday and passed Toronto, which lost 7-1 to Tampa Bay, in the bid for the final wild-card.

Ismael Hernandez

Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about baseball and other sports, such as: football, American, boxing and basketball. My favorite MLB teams are the Dodgers and the Red Sox. My big dream is one day to attend a game at the mythical Fenway Park.

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