Frazier and Benintendi win wage arbitrations

NEW YORK — adam fraziersecond baseman and outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, and Andrew BenintendiKansas City Royals outfielder, won their salary arbitration cases on Friday, as clubs and players have split victories after the first four rulings.

Frazier will receive an $8 million salary and not the $6.7 million offered by the Mariners, according to the decision of the three-judge arbitration panel: Margaret Brogan, Frederic Horowitz and Brian Keller.

Arbitrators heard arguments in this case on May 2.

“I’m excited, for sure,” said Frazier, who listened to the four-hour session via Zoom.

Major League Baseball and the Mariners filed arguments against Frazier’s representative and against the players’ union.

“My agent and the Association did a great job to present the arguments of the case. Obviously, I’m going to make money either way,” Frazier added.

Benintendi will receive $8.5 million instead of the $7.3 million raised by the Royals, following the decision by arbitrators Mark Burstein, Keith Greenberg and Steven Wolff, who heard arguments Thursday.

“I knew this was going to happen, and it’s nothing I haven’t heard before,” Benintendi said of the club’s arguments. “For me, it all came down to seeing this from every side. It’s unfortunate that it has to happen during the season, but that’s the way it was.”

On Wednesday in the first two failures, the Atlanta Braves beat third baseman austin riley and the St. Louis Cardinals to the outfielder Tyler O’Neill.

Fifteen additional players are eligible for salary arbitration, with hearings scheduled through June 24.

Among the players who have scheduled hearings are the outfielder adam duvallthe pitcher Max Fried and the shortstop dansby swansonof Atlanta, as well as the ranger Aaron Judge, of the New York Yankees; the pitcher Chris Bassett, of the New York Mets of the same city; the Dominican catcher Gary Sanchezof the Minnesota Twins, and pitcher Zach Efflin, of the Philadelphia Philies.

Arbitration hearings are usually held in the first three weeks of February. This time they were postponed due to the employer’s strike.

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Frazier and Benintendi win wage arbitrations