Final LVBP: Caribbeans repeat and make their territory respected (+Videos)

Harold Capote Fernandez

Hitting first is always important, especially when it comes to a short series like the Grand Final of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), this year’s between Navegantes del Magallanes and Caribes de Anzoátegui.

On Tuesday, the tribe takes a 1-0 lead in the confrontation, which it expands this Wednesday in its yard, the Alfonso “Chico” Carrasquel Stadium.

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LVBP Final: Magallanes in the lead

The Navigators, as in the initial duel, take control first, this by scoring a couple of lines in inning two. Pablo Sandoval draws a ticket, Leonardo Reginatto and Jesse Castillo give hits that fill the pads.

With this imminent danger, Alejandro De Aza is hit so that Arturo Nieto then connects for a double play, so Reginatto enters the race.

LVBP Final: Indomitable Caribes

In an almost exact replica of game 1, the tribe comes with everything. Rafael “Balita” Ortega reaches base on a fielder’s choice, Víctor Reyes and Niuman Romero draw walks, Willians Astudillo fans the breeze but Asdrúbal Cabrera responds with a double that ties the actions.

But let’s not forget that these are two of the most powerful offenses on the circuit, so Magallanes’ counter-response is no surprise as he goes up again in the fourth. De Aza reaches first base on a fielder’s choice and advances to second base after a wild pitch. From there he lands at the plate with Nieto’s triple.

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The Caribbean answer comes at the end of the fifth, when Romero starts with a hit against reliever Jumbo Díaz and Astudillo follows with a home run.

LVBP Finale: Hard-to-Sink Navigators

Once again the electrics catch up with the home team, this time in the sixth. De Aza reaches base on a fielder’s choice, Nieto connects uncatchable and Gabriel Noriega drives in with a hit.

Final LVBP: the deadly crush of Caribes

To start the lucky seventh, Anzoátegui again passes the front with a solo shot from Reyes, this is the hit that draws the last movement in the run.

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That advantage is guarded by closer Silvino Bracho. The right-hander responds with his second save of the Final, this time with 4 outs, keeping his effectiveness unchanged. The victory corresponds to the also right-handed, Esteban Haro (1-0, 5.40) after relieving 1 blank inning.

The setback is the responsibility of Wilking Rodríguez (0-1, 5.40), after receiving a four-corner shot from Reyes.

With the result, Caribes takes a 2-0 lead in the confrontation that now moves to José Bernardo Pérez in Valencia. This Thursday the fires continue from 7:00 pm.


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Final LVBP: Caribbeans repeat and make their territory respected (+Videos)