Fernando Tatis Jr.’s only rival for the MVP award is his own body

Despite his injuries, the Dominican shortstop has had a spectacular season, which could give him his first Most Valuable Player award, if health permits.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the players with the most impact in the Big leagues. The new one “baseball face”Has maintained a solid production since its arrival in MLB and he’s one of the most complete hitters in the sport right now. Nevertheless, “The child”He has had a problem, his propensity for injury.

During his debut year, in which he practically held the award of Rookie of the Year of the National League, an injury limited him to 84 games this season, for which he was third in the recognition votes, behind the eventual winner, Pete alonso from New York Mets and the launcher of Atlanta Braves, Mike soroka.

In 2021, Tatis Jr. He has been on the disabled list twice for extended periods with a right shoulder problem. On both occasions there has been talk of the possibility of subjecting the Dominican to a surgery that would end his campaign, but both times he has returned just as productive as ever. He even went through the injured list of COVID-19 at one point and not even this has stopped him.

In just 92 games (out of a possible 124 that the Parents) in this season, he is the leader of the National League in home runs with 34, as well as in slugging (SLG) with .663, in OPS with 1.037 and in OPS + with 183. Similarly, he reached his first participation in a Stars game and is, at this time, the favorite to win the award as Most valuable Player of the National League, despite the number of games played.

These numbers being supplemented by a .293 batting average, 76 laps RBI and 83 runs scored. Further, Fernando Tatis Jr. has the best home run percentage versus plate appearances MLB by 2021, hitting a home run in nine percent of those appearances.

This points to Fernando Tatis Jr. He has only one rival for the prize, his own body. Maintaining health is essential if the Dominican aspires to obtain the Mvp of the “Old Circuit”, A situation that has forced San Diego Padres to move the Dominican from his natural position (shortstop) to the outfield, in the hope that the effort and form of his play will not wreak more havoc on his injured shoulder.

The child“Is on the verge of achieving something that at the moment only players of the stature of Mike trout and Mookie betts have achieved in recent years, for the same health reasons, earn a Mvp with less than 140 games disputed. Trout in 2019 he played 134 games and Betts in 2018 played 136, due to injuries, but their numbers were enough to reach the award in the American league, so there are precedents.

Tatis Jr. can only hope to play 130 games, since they have 38 left Parents in this regular season. If the projection is completed, it is possible that the Dominican will become one of the Most Valuable Players with fewer games played in a 162-game regular season in Big leagues.

This is why, again, it should be said that, the only rival of Tatis Jr. for the prize Mvp on the National League it is your own body.