EXCLUSIVE: Agent of Puig ASSURED “They try to DISPRESS Yasiel”

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Just a few hours ago, on our website we report on a new controversial situation that revolves around the talented Cuban player Yasiel puig, related to a publication by Gus García Robert of the Washington Post, in which “he dusted off a couple of issues related to sexual accusations” against the athlete and that occurred “in 2017 when Puig was still playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers,” but giving a new nuance to the matter.

As we anticipated in the aforementioned publication of our medium, the team of Full swing got in touch with Lisette Carnet, Yasiel’s agent, who mentioned to us that “these cases were already known and there is no point in dusting them off again,” agreeing to give us an exclusive interview on this important matter.

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“I had already been alerted to this situation in the program, as I received a call early in the morning of that day informing me that the Washington Post was inquiring with MLB about this issue from Yasiel’s past,” explained Carnet, who was invited to «The Complete Swing Show», stellar program of our YouTube channel, on the night of November 26 last, space in which he referred to the event.

“I don’t really know why they want to get that out now, or with what intention. But that day, someone from the Washington Post contacted MLB to find out if they had knowledge of those events that occurred in 2017. MLB explained that yes, they did, and that the matter had already been resolved. MLB knows that Puig was investigated for these events and that ultimately there was no problem, “explained the agent.

«The Major Leagues know perfectly everything about that matter. They are not hiding anything and it is not something new for them. Yasiel was not sanctioned or punished by MLB because everything was duly clarified. The women in question had an excellent lawyer who knew how to proceed, but there was never an accusation, there were no charges, nor did the police come for Yasiel or anything like that. That matter was resolved and it is now in the past, “added Carnet.

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Lisette explained to Swing Completo that Yasiel Puig’s team has no intention of “stirring up those issues” or taking any action against the women related to the events, but it does consider that “it is very easy to extort players and anyone he can hurt them easily, with bad intentions.

“Many Latino players who come to the United States are easy targets for extortion by malicious people who just want to get money from them. That is why it is so important to support them, help them, teach them to behave in this new country for them, stay away from malicious people and be very careful in their conduct, “said the agent.

Carnet also explained that the legal system of the United States allows anyone to sue another and put them in a difficult situation while what happened is verified, which can greatly affect athletes, mainly Latinos, putting their sports careers at risk because If a foreigner is accused by an American person, they can get into serious trouble, while their innocence or guilt is proven.

«I am not going to justify anything nor do I intend to criticize, but many times athletes agree to pay sums of money to negotiate with their” accusers “instead of advancing legal processes that can affect their careers, even though they are innocent . I think that one should be much stricter in that sense and anyone who files false charges should be taught a strong lesson and have severe consequences. As long as the system is not that strict and there is money involved, these cases will continue to occur against players, “said Lisette.

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Yasiel Puig’s agent once again emphasized that these two cases are already known to MLB and all organizations that should be aware know how they were resolved, so the Washington Post publication does not have and will not have any repercussions on the present and the future of the player. Similarly, the agent specified that these two cases, plus the one that Puig recently concluded and that had him in legal matters for more than a year, are the only three that can relate the Cuban to events of this nature, anticipating possible false news that other media could publish about your client

«There are several women who have written things on social networks against Yasiel. I respect women a lot and I would never harm any of them, but all that is false, Yasiel no longer has any other pending proceedings nor does she hide anything about her past. Before, Yasiel did not have the advice or support of people who would watch over his career and his person, but now he has me that I will always be there with him. I have all the evidence to show that possible future accusations are totally false and I will not hesitate to publish them if the moment arises, “said Carnet.

“At that time, in 2017, the people who worked with Yasiel advised him to pay those two women to have these issues resolved and that is what he did, at a time when he could not even speak English. Both women were paid the agreed amount of money and evidently the cases did not have to be verified nor were there sufficient elements because the lawyer who represented them has sufficient prestige to have taken the cases very far in the legal plane and did not, at a time when Yasiel was high up with the Dodgers and making millions of dollars annually, “Lisette explained.

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At the end of the interview, the Cuban’s agent made clear her position of rejection of all these actions that they continuously undertake against Yasiel Puig, always using the same arguments that try to harm his career.

«They are always the same ones, who are in charge of discrediting Yasiel. It’s like they get paid to do that. They always come up with the same tales to hurt. That is why I have told Yasiel that he must speak, that he must say all the things that happen around him so that there are no doubts or loose ends, “Carnet said, obviously annoyed.

“I ask the public to use logic. When they have asked the police about the cases, the authorities state that it is not in their interest to publish this information, since obviously there are not enough elements to blame Yasiel for anything. He was not charged, that is why he was not suspended or punished, so there is no reason to talk about it and much less now, so long later, when everyone already knows about those issues that could not be verified. If he had been guilty, it would have been easily known. It is evident that they only do to hurt Yasiel and get money from them, which is very frequent. Hopefully the system here in the United States was more rigid in this sense and the players would avoid many problems, “concluded Lisette.

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EXCLUSIVE: Agent of Puig ASSURED “They try to DISPRESS Yasiel”