Eriel Sánchez is not worried about anything when he arrives in Cuba

By SwingCompleto /

Many speculate that after the unprecedented number of escapees from a Cuban baseball team, the manager Eriel Sanchez He will not have international opportunities again and his presence as leader of the Gallos de Sancti Spíritus could even be jeopardized.

The doubts about receiving responsibilities in the future are based on multiple antecedents, such as Gilberto Herrera (volleyball), Sarvelio Fuentes (boxing) or Miguelito Calderón (basketball), and in the same baseball with events linked to “political indiscipline” in which it part Figures such as Pedro Jova or Pedro Medina, among others, paid for the broken dishes.

With the contest over and shortly after returning to the island, there may still be some more casualties that reduce the group to an extreme figure, which at the time this note was published was 12.

One of those members who will return to Cuba, in addition to confirming to us that his reasons for making that decision are too powerful at this time, he also confirmed that although Eriel is not worried at all, he is much more irascible than usual.

Going without medals in a competition in which he himself had been very optimistic all along despite those who were leaving the ship, added the number of run-ins that shattered the record for a baseball team dating back to 1996.

“The man himself is complicated, imagine how he is now that he lost the bronze and with all the players who stayed. The environment right now is one of total insecurity on the one hand, and of tension on the other for those who left and those who may still leave, so it is preferable to keep a distance with him and with others in the management body because they are super annoying, “this member of the team, whose name we reserve for reasons more than justified, told us via messenger.

But the player also told us about Eriel’s reaction when they told him what was said on social networks, both the memes and certain writings that he would have problems when he arrived in Cuba.

“I cannot repeat exactly everything he spoke to you because I was not that close and I did not approach to avoid a problem with him. But one of the things that I did manage to hear was that he was not worried about anything when he arrived in Cuba, that they would scold him or blame him for what happened to those who stayed because ultimately they had been the ones who did that shit of leaving shipped to the team. That he had done his job and couldn’t be taking care of everyone 24 hours a day. The rest I was able to capture less, but it was a little more of the same, about how bad those players who left had been and that for what happened in the competition the result was excellent “, this athlete added exclusively to us. He also let us know that among the same players they boncha during the tournament with the next one who was going to leave, and that they knew of some who sooner or later would make the decision by their way of acting.

“Everyone who left the team did it very quickly. I cannot give details in that regard because it was in the blink of an eye. They couldn’t do it any other way, especially after Luis Danny stayed and especially the other three that people were more afraid of being watched and caught in the middle of their departure ”.

Certainly Eriel Sánchez was ridiculed by what happened off the pitch with these 12 athletes, especially for his anthological statements in which he justified the absence of pitchers Yunior Tur and Yosimar Cousín due to their lack of discipline and patriotism, aspects to be judged By the method of selection it was something that practically half of those who did the degree lacked.

In reality, there will be no more sub-23 In a good time and apart from this “ideological disaster” Eriel is far from being a strong candidate to lead in an international event with no age limit. But anyway with this background very few foresee that the explosive ex-receiver and manager could be tied again with some kind of national team.

Perhaps the most advisable thing for the 2004 Athens Olympic champion is to request the release of the director’s position upon arrival on the island, including his responsibility at the head of the Spiritus roosters.

Withdraw from public life at least for a while, refresh from social networks and interviews with the press until the tide of his paper goes out, especially in the extra-sports field, which is the one that people blame him most above a fourth seat that cannot be considered bad under the circumstances of the competition for our team.