Eddie Rosario will celebrate his World Series championship on Puerto Rican soil

Houston. The Puerto Rican outfielder of the Atlanta Braves champions, Eddie Rosario, will visit the island, and especially his native Guayama, as his parents anticipated in the middle of the team’s celebration on the Minute Maid Park field, after win the World Series over the Houston Astros with a 7-0 win on Tuesday.

For Rosario, this is the first championship he has achieved since he made his major league debut in 2015.

A native of Guayama, his parents María Haddock and Eddie Rosario anticipated that this visit will take place at some point, although they declined to offer a date until the planning is finalized.

“It is something great that I asked my God so much… that he always accompany me and give me health so that he can finish his World Series, and that he give him the opportunity, because so many sacrifices, that it would be worth getting here where we are, ”said Haddock, who was as jubilant as her son on the field in the middle of the Braves celebration.

“That he is so happy is so satisfying to me… I’m so excited. Guayama is that it does not fit. Today my family is not sleeping. They are all celebrating on every corner of Guayama, ”Maria said after midnight after Atlanta’s win late Tuesday night.

Haddock said they are planning a trip possibly for December, although he did not rule out that he has to go ahead because he is aware that the public will want to celebrate the moment with him soon.

“I hope to go soon. I don’t know what day, but I think December would be the best time. I know that he will have to go to Guayama, and to Mayagüez, because he is from there too ”, added the mother, remembering that that city opened the doors to her son when he played in the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League with the Indians. , when he had not yet made his major league debut.

“There are many people who want to give him recognition and activities. I think so (that the visit can be given before), but I hope to go and enjoy that there with my people, my people and my family, “concluded Haddock, who along with her husband and Eddie’s father, moved to Florida after the passage of Hurricane Maria on the island.

Ramón “Tonito” Zayas’s lens captured all these celebratory images of the Braves outfielder.


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Eddie Rosario will celebrate his World Series championship on Puerto Rican soil