Dominican Republic vs South Korea LIVE (4-2) | 08/06/2021

9:30 PM5 minutes ago

South Korea reacted

At the end of the series, Korea did not let the Caribbeans advance and managed to score a run to discount.

10:25 PM11 minutes ago

Home run !!!!

Korean Kim hit the ball and sent it deep to discount the Dominicans

11:24 PM12 minutes ago

Hitting Korea again to try to make a run

Koreans try again to make a career out of it

10:21 PM14 minutes ago

Hae Min Park did not let the Caribbeans advance

Korea tries not to let the advantage extend

10:11 PM24 minutes ago

Kim jinuk

The Korean pitcher stops the Dominicans in all batting intentions by the other team

9:06 PM29 minutes ago

Dominican does not give chances

The Koreans have tried to tighten the score with several at-bats for batting but the Caribbeans are very attentive to extinguish any intention

10:03 PM32 minutes ago

Korea seeks to get closer

Koreans seek to get closer in batting to try not to spread the advantage

8:58 PM38 minutes ago

Third inning ends

Korea reacted to prevent the Dominicans from increasing the score

8:55 PM40 minutes ago

Dominican Republic tries to shake to keep scoring

Melky Cabrera connects and overtakes right field

8:53 PM43 minutes ago

First out

Dominican tries but the Asian team prevents progress

8:51 PM44 minutes ago

Dominican batting again

Korea seeks to stop any attempt to increase the slate to the Dominicans

9:49 PM an hour ago

Dominican Republic for any offensive intention of South Korea

The Dominicans did not let the Koreans advance much in their batting turn

9:47 PM an hour ago

Second Out

Dominican Republic does a great job with Raúl Valdés

9:46 PM an hour ago

Dominicans do not want to give advantages

The Koreans batted but the Caribbean team managed to intercept to get one out.

9:41 PM an hour ago

Another hit

Korea connects again but they stay at second and third base

9:39 PM an hour ago

Korea seeks to recover

Korea connects and Kim manages to make the first race 4-1

9:38 PM an hour ago

The rain came in the game

The rain appeared at Yokohama Stadium

9:37 PM an hour ago

Korea does not want to give more advantages

In the second outing at batting, the Dominican Republic could not expand the score.

9:35 PM an hour ago

South Korea tries to react

2 outs in favor of Korea looking to hit again

9:31 PM an hour ago

Korea seeks to recover

Bonifacio connects but Korea intercepts with one out !!

9:30 PM an hour ago

Dominican batting again

Emilio Bonifacio again to bat

9:29 PM an hour ago

Dominican Republic save !!

The batter connected but the Dominican outfielders ruined the Asian team’s forward aspirations, 4-0 continues the count

9:28 PM an hour ago

Korea finally comes out

Kyoung Min’s single hit to advance

9:22 PM an hour ago

Start hitting South Korea

Raúl Valdés starts shooting for the Dominican Republic

9:21 PM an hour ago

The first shift ends and the Dominican Republic goes up

Very good start for the Caribbeans who took advantage to go ahead

9:18 PM an hour ago

Another race !!!

One more point for Dominican 4-0

9:17 PM an hour ago

Full house for Dominican

Bautista is hitting well and with 3-0 up they are about to increase the score

9:16 PM an hour ago

Dominicans try to increase the account

Jose Bautista hits but it’s foul

9:14 PM an hour ago

Simply connect Dominican

The batter secures at first base

9:10 PM an hour ago

Korea starts losing a lot of ground at the start

With only one out of the Dominicans they are already 3-0 below

9:08 PM an hour ago

Repeat Dominican Home Run !!!!

Great hit from Juan Francisco deep down !!!! 3-0

9:07 PM an hour ago

Home Run Deep Left !!!!

Julio Rodríguez sends her deep! 2-0 up Dominican Republic

9:05 PM2 hours ago

Dominicans bat

Bonifacio advances to third base

9:02 PM2 hours ago

Great hit !!

The Dominican reaches second base

9:02 PM2 hours ago

First stricke

1 ball and two strikes

9:00 PM2 hours ago

Starts the game !!

The game begins with Bonifacio as Dominican starter batter and Kim as pitcher for Korea

7:54 PM2 hours ago

The formal acts begin

The two teams are on the playing field and the anthems of the Dominican Republic are played and then the anthem of South Korea

8:53 PM2 hours ago

The protagonists go out to the playing field and the judges

Kevin Sweenay of the United States will be the head judge

7:46 PM2 hours ago

Which players will start the game?

Korean manager Kyung-moon Kim announced 26-year-old right-hander Min-woo Kim as his starter and Héctor Borg appointed 43-year-old left-hander Raúl Valdés as the starter.

8:43 PM2 hours ago

South Korea lineup

South Korea: Hae Min Park (CF), Baek Ho Kang (BD), Jung Hoo Lee (LF), Hyun Soo Kim (1B), Min Ho Kang (C), Kun Woo Park (RF), Ji Hwan Ho ( SS), Kyoung Min Hur (3B), Hye Seong Kim (2B).

7:42 PM2 hours ago

Dominican Republic lineup

Dominican Republic: Emilio Bonifacio (CF), Erick Mejía (3B), Julio Rodríguez (RF), Juan Francisco (1B), Johan Mieses (LF), Melky Cabrera (BD), Roldani Baldwin (C), Jeison Guzmán (SS) , Gustavo Núñez (2B).

7:19 PM2 hours ago

Duel with the smell of revenge

Dominicans and Koreans met at the start of the tournament with a victory for the Asians 4-3, so the Caribbean will try to take revenge to take the bronze and give joy to their country that has never won a medal in team sports

8:11 PM2 hours ago

Third place: a matter of Honor

The game is approaching and promises a good game, the Dominican Republic will seek to round off a very good participation in the tournament and South Korea will try to impose its hierarchy and experience so as not to go home empty-handed

7:39 PM3 hours ago

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What time is the Dominican Republic vs South Korea game?

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Featured Player – South Korea

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Featured Player – Dominican Republic

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Results – South Korea

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Results – Dominican Republic

7:04 PM4 hours ago

Koreans give up their crown

The Asians will cease to be the reigning champions in a few hours, but they will seek some consolation trying to achieve a victory that will allow them to appear in the medal table.

6:59 PM4 hours ago

Dominican Republic goes for its first baseball medal

The Dominican team seeks to turn the page of defeat in the semifinals to win bronze and obtain its first medal in this sport at the Olympic Games.

7:49 PM4 hours ago

Start of transmission