Dominican player sues Texas Rangers for $ 250 million

The player Fraidel Adriel Liriano Trinidad ask for justice and demand the Texas Rangers in the Dominican Republic already Major League Baseball for $ 250 million for damages and breach of contract.

According to his attorney Jonathan Peralta, the teams offered one million 500 thousand dollars by Liriano Trinidad, as a promise of a signing contract. This sum of money was supposed to be paid on July 2, 2020, which was interrupted and moved by the pandemic for January 2021.

Peralta explained that the teams honored the signatures according to the deadline given by Major League Baseball, but that the execution of the contract was not fulfilled with the player due to a unilateral decision by the Texas Rangers, “without explanation of the breach.”

He attributes the reason for this performance to the fact that the player is of Latino, Dominican, poor and black origin and that due to these characteristics “The defendant team expected Fraidel to submissively accept any proposal, which constitutes obvious racial discrimination.”

He considers that the Texas Rangers have caused material, psychological and moral damage to the young Liriano Trinidad. “But above all to human dignity, because knowing that other teams were interested in him because of his abilities, and that now he is the victim of abuse by a racist, discriminatory and xenophobic team, which preferred to damage his life project and impose the the law of silence, fear and force, which is why there is a legal obligation to compensate for these damages ”.

Also, it indicates that the family invested their savings and took out loans that are now impossible to pay.

Peralta reports that the Texas Rangers decided to renegotiate the agreement that they had supposedly signed, “as a way of wanting to correct the fault” They offered 750 thousand dollars, which is described by the lawyer as “a proposal lacking in seriousness.”

According to Peralta, the sum is impossible to fulfill since the team used up all the funds that Major League Baseball allows them to spend on player signings per year.


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Dominican player sues Texas Rangers for $ 250 million