Dodgers star who gave in to Albert Pujols: ‘This is what a Hall of Fame looks like’


After being teammates in MLB 2021, a Los Angeles Dodgers star surrendered to Albert Pujols after home run 700: ‘This is what a Hall of Famer looks like.’

Justin Turner, Mookie Betts and Albert Pujols
© Getty ImagesJustin Turner, Mookie Betts and Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols did not need a full season to leave a mark of his legacy in Los Angeles Dodgers. When Los Angeles Angels released him for the MLB 2021, the Californian team opened the doors for him and a star of the franchise did not hesitate to recognize the greatness of the player born in Dominican Republic.

It was no accident that Pujols barely hit the 700th home run during the game. St.Louis Cardinals vs. dodgers, on September 23, 2022, the entire Dodger Stadium will give him a standing ovation. Even, nor Dave Roberts, neither Mookie Betts, they were able to contain themselves in the face of Albert’s historical moment.

When some fan of the MLB was encouraged to speculate with the withdrawal, Los Angeles Dodgers They decided to go for Albert Pujols, who in 85 games with the Californian team recorded 12 home runs, three doubles, 38 RBI and a .254 average. The mark left by the Dominican baseball player went beyond the numbers and a champion of the world series in 2020 he did not hesitate to recognize it.

“It seemed that he was rejuvenated and found his love for baseball. I can’t really speak to everything that happened on the freeway and what he was feeling there, but I know he was excited to be here. He was one of the first guys in the field every day, He was in the cage working on his swing and open to adjustments.” he claimed justin turner on Pujols as published by the Dodger Blue portal (Blue).

Dodgers star surrenders to Pujols: ‘This is what a Hall of Fame looks like’

justin turner He has been in the Major Leagues for 14 years and after winning the 2020 World Series with Los Angeles Dodgers he became a symbol of the team to the point that his jerseys are sold with a black mark on his last name. Something that became tradition in the second base. This MLB star bowed down to the greatness of Albert Pujols.

“You’d think most Hall of Famers probably aren’t too open to hitters giving him suggestions, but he was open. He got the job done and I think he set the tone in the club house. Not just for young people or Latinos, but for everyone. Like, ‘Hey, this is what a Hall of Famer looks like.’ This is the work ethic of a Hall of Famer. I couldn’t be more proud of him, I couldn’t be happier for him,” Justin Turner said of Albert Pujols.

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Dodgers star who gave in to Albert Pujols: ‘This is what a Hall of Fame looks like’