Dodgers planning to trade Cody Bellinger?

Are they Dodgers of the Angels planning change to Cody Bellinger in the low season of Big leagues?

Season 2021

The 2021 season will likely be the worst in Cody Bellinger’s career. While his 2019 MVP form is not something we expect from him on an annual basis, the Dodgers know that Cody is not as bad as he would indicate this season. A series of injuries have derailed him early on, and Cody never found his swing in 2021.

Injured List

The Dodgers put him back on the disabled list this week, this time with a broken rib sustained in an outfield collision. But there is still hope that he can be of use to them as the team heads to the postseason.

MLB predictions

But MLB predictions are already going beyond this season for the Dodgers superstar and Athletic’s Jim Bowden spoke about Bellinger this week and what he thinks his future will look like. Bowden made a surprising prediction. I think the Dodgers will trade Bellinger this offseason and use their resources to try to get Max Scherzer and Corey Seager.


Bellinger can be saved if he commits to reverting to the mechanics he used in 2019, when he hit 47 home runs and led the league with 351 total bases. Bellinger is only 26 years old, and the average age for the best of Major League Baseball players is 26 to 30.


If I’m another team, I’ll make trade offers the moment the postseason ends, Bowden added.

Does it make sense for the Dodgers to trade Bellinger?

When its value has never been lower it would make little or absolutely no sense. He’s also under the team’s control during the 2023 season, which makes even less sense for them to change him now. If anything, the Dodgers would wait for a recovery year in 2022 before even considering moving the outfielder.

The only reason it would make sense to move him this offseason would be to make money for Max Scherzer and possibly Corey Seager. But they are also the Dodgers. They have the money to keep both guys if they want to, even if they keep Bellinger until 2023. Why roll the dice now and possibly get a minimum return for a former MVP?

What’s more

It’s hard to imagine an OPS lower than .600 from the 2019 NL MVP, especially since Bellinger should be entering his prime. There’s no way this is getting close to him. No way.

With some information from Brook Smith and Will Leitch.