Dodgers and Red Sox fight to the death for Charlie Morton

Dodgers and Red Sox fight to the death for Charlie

The rumors in the season 2021 from Big leagues (MLB) are gaining strength and among them is the name of Charlie morton that two great teams such as the Dodgers Los Angeles and Red Sox from Boston.

To think that the Braves would become sellers in the current harvest of Big leagues It was never in the plans, but Ronald Acuña Jr.’s season-ending injury could force general manager Alex Anthopoulos to change his plans to 2021, being the name of Charlie morton one that takes strength and immediately teams like Dodgers Y Red Sox they would go in search of this experienced pitcher.

The Braves will look for a way outfielder in exchange, of that we are almost certain and they will surely have in their plans one of recognized name in the MLB, which is why it is not unreasonable that Morton, who returned to Atlanta for this season is the one sacrificed for a move, the funny thing is that teams with Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees and Angels could be part of a future negotiation.

Here is a report:

Morton is an All-Star and a high-level pitcher in the Big leagues, his name being an inclusion of very good relevance to the aforementioned Dodgers Y Red Sox, who are undoubtedly looking to improve their pitching in the current 2021 season.

The Dodgers with their Trevor Bauer legal problem they are needing a starter, added to that the injury of Clayton Kershaw, which is why Morton It could be quite an interesting name and it would fit in a good way with the reigning champions of the MLB.

On the side of Red Sox, they are still waiting for Chris Sale but their starting rotation is still waiting for one more arm to provide solidity, possibly the right-hander of the Braves that candidate and also, the “red-legged” have some outfielders who could be negotiated.

You have to wait how the market will move in the next few days and know if it will come out or not Charlie morton of the Braves, the fact is that Dodgers Y Red Sox they are fighting over this interesting 37-year-old pitcher.

Morton on the MLB 2021 He has 18 starts, an 8-3 record, a 3.64 ERA and a total of 114 strikeouts.