Do the Braves miss Venezuelan Ronald Acuña Jr.?

The Braves from Atlanta They are one step away from the 2021 postseason of the Major League Baseball – MLB, being leaders of your division, the question is: Do you miss to the Venezuelan Ronald Acuña Jr.?

As is known, in the month of July, the star player of these Braves, Ronald Acuña Jr. suffered a regrettable injury to his knee and it took him away from the fields for the rest of the 2021 Major League Baseball campaign. However, the Atlanta organization, without the Venezuelan, has shown a great performance that creates the question of whether they miss “El Abusador” in the lineup.

It is no secret to anyone, that Acuña Jr. is a true rally, but it is also true that without him, the Braves have found a great course (surely with him it would have been the same or better, but it is not the case) and for many MLB amantas, the Venezuelan’s name has hardly been heard when we are on the eve of a new postseason in the best baseball in the world.

Do you miss it, do you need it?

Sentimentally, yes, obviously the Venezuelan must do a great fault to the Braves, but when it comes to getting ahead on the field during each game, they think little of him, because the results have been important and other players have been in charge. to produce to fill that void that he left that July 10 at the Miami Marlins stadium when he was injured.

After the injury of Ronald Acuna Jr., The Braves moved into the market and acquired players like Joc Pederson, Jorge Soler and Eddie Rosario, who added to Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies, Adam Duvall and Austin Riley have given a lot of depth to this team that today can say who is who he leads the East Division of the National League and is nowhere from winning the pennant.

Braves with Acuña Jr.

Before injury, Braves They had a 44-44 record in wins and losses, being second in their division and 4.5 behind the New York Mets who were the leaders of that division in the month of July. However, despite being in second place with a level record, the Venezuelan was the absolute offensive leader of this organization, producing with home runs, hits, RBIs, runs scored and stolen bases, a horse. WITHOUT A DOUBT.

Without Acuña Jr.

Without looking hater or that sort of thing, the Braves in the 2021 season of MLB They have been really better without the Venezuelan Ronald Acuña Jr., since unfortunately he is not in the lineup due to injury, led by Brian Snitker, they have an extremely enviable record in terms of wins and losses, 41-28 to be exact, And do you know what? They are in the first place in the East and a little step from the pennant, what things are not.

Numbers of “El Abusador” in 2021

The Venezuelan played a total of 82 games, giving 84 hits, with 19 doubles, a triple, 24 homers, 52 RBIs, 72 runs scored, average of .283, OBP of .394, SLG .596 and OPS of .990.