Disaster! Everything went wrong for the Red Sox on this play

A series of unfortunate events and the Red Sox, who won it quietly against Tampa, have seen their illusions collapse and the advantage they had in the 3rd of the series in their playoff bracket.

What went wrong?

Everything went wrong. And this entire video is nothing more than a great chain of mistakes and bad luck for the Red Sox.

You decide to pitch to Arozarena instead of putting him on base, you throw a bad pitch, he hits you twice and Kiké injures you looking for the out. All wrong:

1.- Why are you throwing Arozarena?

This error is from Alex Cora, manager of Red Sox … of course the booklet says that you do not base the victory … but that Arozarena is sixth in the line up is an abnormality and a master move by the Tamapa manager.

It seems as if Cash had even purposely put it there in search of a definitive hit (like the one he ended up hitting).

Bad idea to jump into Mr Octubr, don’t you think? No matter what tradition says, you let him pass and look for the out against Zunino next in the line up, not against Mr. October!

2.- The pitching …

It’s not the worst pitching ever, but the Red Sox pitcher’s pitch stays there at mid-range without breaking completely and at 92 miles per hour.

We don’t underestimate Arozarena’s abilities, but the pitching didn’t make it very difficult for her to get her double.

3.- Kiké’s injury

The desire to make the big play beat Kiké’s good judgment … it was clear that he was not coming and even so he forced it with a launch that ended in an apparent injury.

The Red Sox could lose its hottest hitter just when it needs him most.

Bad, very bad move by wherever he is seen.

4.- The game was tied

And all this to finish to add that the board was equalized.

Could anything be worse?