Director ENSURED that his team WILL RETURN to the podium of the National Series

By Dency Milan

Pinar del Río manager Alexander Urquiola offered an interview to the newspaper Jit, where he touched on several important points of what could be his return to the podium in the 61st National Baseball Series.

Among the highlights, he spoke about the composition of the cast, their weaknesses and strengths.

With less than a month to start the National Series, the young manager expressed that his idea is to maintain competitiveness within the team, as well as his rivals, in addition to emphasizing that his goal is to return to the podium and return all the joys to the people of Pinar del Río.

“It is a healthy and positive competition. Still some of them have possibilities of integrating the team and that makes them give it their all without loosening up ”, said manager Alexander Urquiola to the interviewer.

He also expressed that the consecrated athletes are working and setting the example in pursuit of achieving the desired goal. And the prep games have given us a measure of how many variations we can do in pursuit of victory, he added.

Urquiola knows he has a point against him, and it is in the pitching area, his most important line, because three of his star athletes will not be able to start with the team, and they will only be able to do so if the team reaches the postseason. In addition to the physical form upon their return. They are the cases of those established in the Japanese league Livan moinelo, Raidel Martinez, and the recent incorporation of Isbel Hernández.

Although they are sensitive casualties in the most important area of ​​the “pativerdes or vegueros”, he has announced that he will have the experienced Yosvani Torres from the very beginning of the season, who has been a key piece in the results of the last decade of the Pinar del Río team. . You can also count on the experienced Bladimir Baños and Erlis Casanova to try and maintain a trio of starters in results.

In other areas the team has lost some figure for the coming campaign. Recently it has been known that the regular third baseman in recent years will not be there. Alexander assured: “The drop is sensitive, but we have athletes who can do well.” Whenever there are variants and we hope that it can be replaced, it is an important loss, but you always have to have a plan and work to make it go well.

At this point he spoke of defense as a key point, since the team he led did not look good, so he must work hard in this regard to support the pitching staff, and try to keep games close where they usually have advantages.

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Now with the start around the corner, Urquiola Jr. must handle his team like a game of chess that is going his life, since the changing epidemiological situation in the westernmost of the provinces could affect the performance of his team. He will try to get what his father taught him and teaches him to achieve the desired goal.

Before saying goodbye, the journalist emphasized whether what was in his mind was possible and the young director, without further argument, affirmed:

“We do not propose anything other than to improve the fourth place of the last series. This year we will fight to be among the top three, ”he says with such determination that he leaves no room for doubt.

Only the capricious time and schedule ahead (yet to be defined) will prove the director’s son, who became a director, right.

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Director ENSURED that his team WILL RETURN to the podium of the National Series