David Ortiz surrendered to Stephen Curry for his title with the Golden State Warriors

David Ortiz will be the fourth Dominican in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Photo: Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

David Ortiz is recognized for his memorable career in the baseball of the Big leagues with the Boston Red Sox and all this led him to become a new member of the Hall of Fame of this sport. Currently, the Dominican is considered a faithful follower of all sports and also works as an analyst and commentator on the MLB.

However, the new baseball immortal put aside his passion and fanaticism for all baseball teams. Boston in each of the sports to surrender to the talent of Stephen Curry, who got his fourth championship ring in his career with Golden State Warriors; team that prevailed in six games against Boston Celtics.

“I was cheering for my Celtics, not the result I expected, but respect is given when respect is due, this man is an all-time great in his field. Congratulations to the MVP and number 30 Stephen Curry and to all the Golden State Warriors”, David Ortiz wrote on his personal Instagram account.

In this photo, the “Big Daddy” uniformed with Boston Red Sox and next to him, Stephen Currywho was wearing a hat from the “red footed” and on top of that, he was holding a bat that was surely signed by the Dominican.

It is important to highlight that, Curry won his first trophy MVP of a basketball final NBA and it was also decisive in putting the Californians back at the top of this sporting discipline.

The Celtics, for their part, they couldn’t get the so-aniseed ring, but they made it clear that it is a team that will come back stronger next season and that they have everything to fight with any organization in the NBA.

In this way, the congratulations David Ortiz is the first of many that will receive the star of Golden State Warriors after this championship to satisfactorily close its 2021-2022 basketball season in the NBA.

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David Ortiz surrendered to Stephen Curry for his title with the Golden State Warriors