David Ortiz leads Dominicans to vote for Cooperstown Hall of Fame

The former designated hitter is the leader in votes received and with more than thirteen percent of published ballots, he aims for a chance to reach immortality in his first year.

As every year, journalists who can vote to select the players who will enter the Cooperstown Hall of Fame They face an interesting decision: to make their ballot public or not. Each of them can decide if they want to do so, as well as if they want to justify their selections, which enriches the process and creates interesting discussions regarding the reasoning that each voter uses when choosing those who they consider deserve the honor of arriving at the inmortality.

So far, a total of 51 ballots have been made public according to Ryan thibodaux, who for years has been in charge of compiling the ballots that are made public and allows them to be monitored, making the process one of the reference sources when making projections.

It is recalled that, in order to be elected to Cooperstown Hall of Fame, it is necessary to receive at least 75 percent of the votes of journalists who are entitled to one.

With 51 ballots released so far (just over 13% of total voters for the 2022 ballot), it is a Dominican who leads the 30 players who seek immortality. Appearing on 43 of the 51 ballots, David ortiz he has 84.3 percent of the published vote. Behind him follow the pitcher Roger clemens Y Barry bonds, who appear in 39 ballots of the 50, for 76.5 percent.

Those three players are, so far, the only ones above the minimum to be accepted into Cooperstown. After them, Scott rolen (38 votes for 74.5%) and Curt schilling (35 votes to 68.6%) are the closest to the 75 percent mark.

Among the Dominicans, after Ortiz the one with the most votes is, surprisingly, Alex Rodriguez with 24 (47.1%), followed by Manny Ramirez with 19 (37.3%) and finally is Sammy Sosa, who is in his final year on the ballot, with just eight votes (15.7%).

The estimated number of voters at Cooperstown Hall of Fame It is 392, which means that in order to enter with 75 percent, it is necessary to obtain 294 votes. With only 13 percent, it is difficult to establish whether there are upward or downward trends for voters, however, it has been possible to mark the considerable decline in votes from players such as Schilling and how Vizquel, who have lost votes considerably.

A rebound in voters has also been noted for Clemens Y Bonds, who are in their last year of eligibility on the ballot and at least until now, remain above the percentage necessary to reach Cooperstown.


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David Ortiz leads Dominicans to vote for Cooperstown Hall of Fame