David Ortiz CHALLENGED Yordan Álvarez on television channel

By Gian Franco Gil / @ Gian_Gil98

It took 21 years in the Major Leagues of the United States for another player with the lineage of David “Papi” Ortiz. In 2019, from Las Tunas, Cuba, a powerful southpaw arrived at the Big Top. The Houston Astros debuted Yordan alvarez in his first team and the slugger performed so well that he became the AL Rookie of the Year.

The resemblance of the Cuban player to the Dominican is incredible. The young talent emulates the one who for many years defended the Boston Red Sox shirt, both physically and in his functions on the field of the game. At just 24 years old, the Antillean is expected to be among the best designated hitters in the league in the coming seasons.

Álvarez, evidently, was born to hit and, above all, to make the ball fly enormous distances. His long limbs, coherent movements and an increasingly powerful swing and markedly seeking the fences of the best baseball stadiums in the United States make him a fearsome hitter, as “Big Papi” was at the time.

His latest award in the Major League Baseball postseason, in which he was Most Valuable Player of the Championship Series between Boston and Houston, caught the attention of the former Major League Baseball player. Ortiz confessed during his participation in a Fox Sports program that: “I will call Yordan Álvarez to the resurrection of Big Papi.”

He also acknowledged that the Cuban has similarities with him, as they are powerful hitters who are not afraid to hit hits in moments of high tension in the MLB postseason, reflected on his Fansided website.

David Ortiz began his career in the first tier of American baseball with the Minnesota Twins. In his first seasons the production of home runs was limited, it was not until the seventh season that he exceeded the figure of 25 full-return hits, reaching up to 31 home runs. Then, he stabilized his home run pace, averaging about 27 home runs per MLB contest.

For his part, Yordan’s start was more explosive. In his first season he disappeared 27 balls, in the second he suffered an injury starting, and in 2021 he shot 33 homers, accumulating 61 home runs in 233 challenges.

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The future of “Ébano de Las Tunas” is very promising. By maintaining the power of his wood and the mettle to connect at the right moments, he will become – if he is not already – one of the most sought-after hitters in MLB. For now, the simple fact that he grabs the attention of a man who made baseball history is a good sign. The challenge is launched. What happens in your future will be defined by your effort. His talent has no “ceiling”.

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David Ortiz CHALLENGED Yordan Álvarez on television channel