Daniel Brito, Venezuelan prospect who suffered a stroke, is discharged

The Venezuelan MLB prospect, Daniel Brito, who suffered a stroke in the Minor Leagues in 2021, has already been discharged and could join the training of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Athletic journalist Matt Gelb reported that the Venezuelan infielder Brito will travel in the next few days to the spring complex of the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater, Florida, this after receiving permission from the doctors to join the Minor League Spring Training.

The prospect of the Phillies in the Minor Leagues, during the month of August 2021, experienced an unpleasant episode in his sports career and even more so in his life, since he suffered a stroke in the middle of the field of play, with which he was fighting for months in a hospital, undergoing two brain operations, a month-long coma and the entire left side of his body paralyzed, however, God was always with him and today he can say that with perseverance he has come out ahead, so much so that he can even return to practice in search of returning to the pitch.

In addition, it is good to remember that during the month of February we saw how his recovery was evolving and he began to do batting and fielding work. Without a doubt, a miracle.

God always accompanied Daniel Brito who was fighting and fighting for his life, but with faith everything is possible and only in days, he will be able to play normally with his teammates to try to get his first full campaign in Triple A.

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Daniel Brito, Venezuelan prospect who suffered a stroke, is discharged