Curiosity of each new candidate Hall

The 2022 Hall of Fame candidate ballot includes 13 new faces. Each of those players left an indelible – and possibly historic – mark on baseball. However, as everyone knows, baseball often has strange things and these candidates were part of curious or embarrassing experiences on the ground.

So, to celebrate the new breed of candidates, let’s review a curious moment in each player’s career.

The 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony will be held in Cooperstown on July 24. The North American Writers Association (BBWAA) ballot is on Nov.22, and voters have until Dec.31 to turn in the ballot. Results will be announced live on the MLB Network on January 25.

The ranger was noted for his speed, an aspect he had to show for reacting quickly on a line hit by Ichiro Suzuki in 2012. As Crawford took a step toward the ball, he slipped on the grasslands of Yankee Stadium. However, he avoided disaster by using his almost catlike reflexes to stretch out and steal an extra base.

It was September 6, 2009, and Fielder hit a golden home run against the Giants. Before the gunner hit first base, he pointed to his teammates in the cave, but this was simply more than a display of enthusiasm; it seemed like he had something up his sleeve.

The rest of the Brewers gathered at the plate as Fielder made it to the plate. The burly slugger jumped on the plate and they all fell to the ground as if he had sent shock waves onto the ground. Fielder raised his arms as he received a standing ovation from the fans in Milwaukee.

The slugger hit 1,475 hits during his 13-year career. Neither was close to the single he hit in a 2015 game against the Blue Jays. At first glance, it looked like a smooth roll to third base would be an out. But even though the ball hit his left knee while in the batter’s box, Howard ran to first base as if nothing had happened and resulted in a hit because Toronto didn’t ask to review the play.

The right-hander won the National League Cy Young in 2008 and 2009, becoming the eighth pitcher in MLB history to win the award in consecutive seasons. But in 2010 he faced obstacles. Seeking to bounce back after the Dodgers punished him with three runs in the first inning of the July 20, 2010 game, Lincecum threw an out-of-this-world pitch against Casey Blake.

It’s too bad there was no Statcast in 2010 to measure the movement of this incredible curve.

Morneau didn’t hit the most or longest home runs at the 2014 Home Run Festival. In fact, he only hit two home runs. But one of them probably no one in the competition was going to repeat it even if they wanted to try.

The infielder returned to Minnesota as a member of the Rockies for the Hitting Festival and received a great welcome when he stepped into the batter’s box. His first homer was a 409-foot trajectory and was only stopped by a flag behind right field.

There is no doubt that the closer is keeping his word.

The right-hander lost a bet to fellow reliever Mike Adams in 2012, when his favorite NFL football teams clashed. Nathan had to don the full Dallas Cowboys uniform on the field before the game.

The Dominican is a member of the 500 home run club, a three-time World Series champion, the author of some of the most key hits in MLB history and seen by some as one of baseball’s best ambassadors.

One thing some won’t forget, however, is his famous 2013 Baltimore bullpen phone incident.

After he was ejected from the game in the seventh inning for arguing balls and strikes, Ortiz smashed the phone to pieces with his bat in the Red Sox cave. Although it was initially an alarming moment, the Orioles gave it a comedic edge years later when they presented the wrecked phone to him as a parting gift before Ortiz retired.

The right-hander ranks 10th on the all-time list with 368 saves and posted a 2.44 ERA in his career. But he also showed that he has a star side of the show by wearing his dark glasses at night.

On April 15, 2014, Peavy didn’t want to take any chances after Adam Dunn negotiated a ticket in the fourth inning. That’s why Peavy swerved first time. It should be noted that Dunn had only stolen three bases in the past five seasons and he hadn’t gotten far off the pad.

Dunn was obviously not retired. Then Peavy got the ball again – and made another turn. Dunn had homered off Peavy the previous inning, which probably explains all the attention to the slugger at first base.

Pierzynski is responsible for the most impactful play on this list. It’s a time of great confusion, but in the end he helped the White Sox win a World Series.

Most thought 2005 SCLA Game 2 was headed for extrainnings after Pierzynski fanned himself with a ball on the ground. Everyone except Pierzynski, who ran to first base and hit a strike that got away. Pinch-running Pablo Ozuna stole second base and then scored on a Joe Crede double.

The Bigfoot won their next seven games to break an 87-year drought without a championship.

A-Rod had already established himself as a star in 1996. In the Sept. 1, 1996 game against the Orioles, the infielder came to the plate with two men on base in the fifth inning with the score tied 1-1. But before Rodriguez had a chance to show his face, Baltimore manager Davey Johnson decided to start a psychological game and asked that A-Rod’s bat be confiscated.

But nobody was alarmed. Ken Griffey Jr. loaned his bat to the slugger, who hit a three-round home run.

Rodriguez finished second in voting for the AL MVP in 1996. His 36 homers in that season are the third-most in LA / LN history for a player in his 20-year campaign.

One of his 30 homers in 2007 was a simple line to center field against the Marlins, but some good fortune and Rollins’ speed converted what would have been a single or even a double on the third inside-the-park home run in his career. race.

In 2014 there was a lot of attention on the Grapefruit League game between the Red Sox and the Yankees. But it had nothing to do with the clash between eternal rivals. It was because a swarm of bees had invaded the land.

But Teixeira tried to provide some help. He offered several bottles of honey to help distract the bees. It was not reported whether Teixeira’s strategy worked, but he is worth praising for being attentive.


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Curiosity of each new candidate Hall