Cuban television is doing the PAPELAZO again and continues to disrespect baseball and journalism

By Full Swing

This time it was the midday newscast of this Wednesday where the concept of journalism went for a walk and where disrespect reigned against what today is worth and shines in Cuban baseball worldwide.

It may sound harsh and the cyber-lords and scarlets convinced accuse us of lack of ethics and everything, but it is that the affront is becoming more and more abhorrent.

Only in the minds of those who decide and are accomplices of such an absurd decision can it fit that going 2-0 Adeiny Hechavarría and leaving his average at 200 in the Japan League deserves a mention above the league title classification of the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves in the MLB, clubs in which four Cuban players appear as shortstop from Santiago. of the Chiba Lotte Marines emigrated to the United States.

The other day something similar happened with the summary of the beginning of the Pacific League of Mexico, coinciding in date with the start of the playoffs of the well-known “big show”, which started full of Cuban prominence in quantity and impact.

The difference? That one plays in a league that has ties to Cuba and that the others, although they play in the best baseball in the world by a wide margin, the MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation do not have an agreement.

But it is more than that. This is the country where 29 of the 30 clubs of that ball play, regardless of the immense wishes of the Cubans, including their officials, that there be a pact in the future. They comb their hair and make pieces of paper at the same time because they want to agree with the Major Leagues and they only blame the lack of an agreement in the departure of players to the United States, but they block that baseball over and over again by most of the routes, multiplying almost for zero to our compatriots who today shine alongside the best.

This time it was the “compliant” Glenda Torres who had to show her face, but it does not matter who conducts the sports segment of the newscasts of the Information System (Channel 8), because no one is going to think of going the opposite way. Chief Pavel Otero, and this opportunistic subject will not put his status and perks at risk, among which his trip to the Tokyo Olympics stands out.

Honestly, it is preferable to pass over international baseball in its entirety than to enter into that childish and stupid discrimination in which there is not and will not be a logical argument. Or do you have something to say about it fellow cyberclaries?

It is not about the transmission of a game that they do not have the rights to put in its entirety live or delayed, according to the usual explanations, as well as to put basketball, American football, athletics and even lacross narrated by him without paying. “Famous” Yimmy Castillo, and whatever event of high or certain relevance is broadcast from the United States, there are no blockades from within and without. Simply with baseball is another story, honoring the final phrase of the program “Vivir del Cuento”.

And that is precisely what those who deny fans having a minimum of information about what happens in the decisive phase of the best league in sports continue to live on, which in a few hours will be made official as Cuba’s cultural heritage.

In the same way that they deprive many Cubans without money or telephone to access the internet, the stellar performance of players born in the same country, those who like it or not the censorious moralists and their committed followers, are today the most popular column. solid that supports Cuban baseball.

If it weren’t for them and our great multicentennial history, there would be almost nothing to hold on to to continue defending ball as the most important and talented sport on the island.

Only the informative spaces of Tele Rebelde (Meridiano and the Sports News) are giving the results briefly and without emphasizing the Cubans by the Creole announcers. 99% of the times they talk about them is in the report that they put on different chains, which they use by the way, without accruing a single penny to that North American medium.

But life will stay the same, at least in this post-season. Do not expect too much progress no matter how much most people complain along with the non-official press, within which although many of us watch these games live and enjoy the triumph of those players who give so much pride to millions of people of the homeland that also belongs to them, even if they do not live here, we have the duty to criticize as many times as necessary that repudiable attitude.

It would be necessary to see what would happen if a journalist or sports commentator was inspired by the call made by Miguel Díaz-Canel after the meeting with the press recently where he asked “to criticize what was badly done to improve the problems and continue to perfect the system.”

I do not think anyone dares to question why the almost total blockade of MLB continues in the Cuban press, especially the TV, and in a supposed case that happens, maybe it will come with the orientation so that soon after the change is seen. Something like the documentary about the slums that came out this Monday night after seven years of ostracism, and hours before and after reports were taken where they worked to “improve” some of them after 62 years of neglect.

Whoever lives in Cuba and does not have a Wi-Fi or data connection, will depend on someone telling him more details than what he can barely see on the sports channel or some radio program of the decisive moment of the best baseball in the world and so on. live from a physical and informative distance the exploits of our players.

It is the sad and unusual reality of a blockade of the MLB that does not seem to have an end, although every day the percentage of those who vote in its favor is smaller than the one discussed at the UN and with which the Cuban government always justifies what it is and how much it comes out of that external incidence.

There we include, without a doubt, what today the only thing that does is destroy more journalism and baseball from within. I hope it is not too late the day that they have just realized that MLB is not the enemy even remotely of the main problems of our ball, and that with those decisions to try to stop professional and migratory dreams, for their hatred of everything that smells like the United States and because of so many more prejudices and opportunisms, the only thing they achieve is to take away the pride of children, young people and the rest of the people for their ball and for sports heroes such as Gurriel, Pito, Arozarena, Iglesias, Yordan, Luis Robert , Chapman or Adolis, to deliver it on a silver platter to all those idols and sports that have nothing to do with Cuban culture and the homeland in general. But to say that is to be a mercenary and counterrevolutionary, while the decision-makers continue to “indirectly” attack what they themselves approved as patrimony, thus infringing the most elemental of their publicized concept of Revolution of “changing everything that must be changed” (at least This is what most of the fans believe), and while in turn, his sports advertising spokespersons continue without refuting any orientation or editorial line because they pay him to comply with them even if they go totally against his opinion.

Of course, apart from all this on the other side, everything will also remain the same. The players starring in new feats on the ground, the “independent” and North American press replacing the official one, and the lucky ones with cable or internet enjoying the pride that a few want to take away from us. Something is something, it is clear and it is much better than nothing, but the phenomenon will continue to be unfair, discriminatory and even unpatriotic.