Cuban power! Yuli Gurriel is crowned batting champion

It is the first time in the history of the Major Leagues that a Latino player over the age of 37 is crowned batting champion … it had to be more than 100 years and the arrival of Yuli gurriel.

“La Piña” as his friends call him, he had no plans to jump onto the field of play … but he did and in the ninth he hit a walk-off hit to leave the Athletics prone and his batting average at .319.

Nobody, nobody, hit better than Yuli at 37 in all of America, becoming the 2nd player born on the island of Cuba to achieve an MLB batting title, only behind the legendary Tony Oliva who also took him 3 times.

Gurriel, what yes, is that the first player in the history of Cuba to take the champion bat in the majors and in the Cuban league where in 2016 he hit .500.

And now the playoffs …

Gurriel and the Astros will face the explosive White Sox of Thim Anderson and José Abreu. And don’t listen to us, but for us, this will be one of the closest series in years and from here we could see a serious candidate for the title come out.

We like Astros who, very discreetly, have assembled their best team in years, even better than the one that was champion in 2017.

And from the White Sox that kind of cheekiness and desire to succeed that Anderson has injected into the entire group … a new, bolder and riskier baseball.

Favorites? We reserve the forecast, but know that the Yuli gurriel stick yes or yes.