Cuban Elite League players receive food in plastic bags

Players from the Portuarios team that play in the First Elite League of Cuban Baseball received their food in plastic bags this Saturday in Holguín; denounced the sports journalist Yordano Carmona.

“The ‘Elite’ League continues to demonstrate the lack of attention to the players and the subhuman conditions they are subjected to to ‘provide a show’ that nobody seesCarmona wrote on Twitter.

He also criticized that in addition to being treated “like an animal”, the players who participate in this sporting event must sleep without electricity, play in the sun and earn only USD 17 a month.

“funny that when they decide to stayThey brand them as traitors and lack of commitment. They don’t realize that if they didn’t leave sooner it’s because they were in jail,” he concluded.

The First Elite Cuban Baseball League began in October and six teams face each other: Tabacaleros, Portuarios, Centrales, Rancheros, Agricultores and Cafetaleros.

From the beginning there were controversies with the event, since they delayed the start date because the players’ uniforms had not arrived in the country.

The team that wins this League will be able to participate in the Caribbean Series of Gran Caracas 2023to which will be added the athletes hired by the Cuban federation in other countries and some “specific cases”, according to the official press.

The complaints about poor nutrition received by Cuban athletes are not new, and although many times they do not make it known for fear of reprisals, some dare to publish on social networks the mistreatment to which they are subjected.

The participants of the National Soccer Championship in Cuba shared two years ago images of the food they gave the players in the special municipality Isla de la Juventudalthough there were similar cases in Las Tunas and Sancti Spíritus.

Cuban baseball player Edilse Silva criticized the food they gave him in 2021 during the play off of the 60th edition of the National Baseball Series.

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Cuban Elite League players receive food in plastic bags