Cuban coach puts commentator Pavel Otero in his place

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The sports commentator Pavel Otero continues to add criticism and detractors that may today place him in a vanguard position among the members of the official press on the island most rejected by Cubans everywhere.

Countless are already the comments made by the sports presenter of the stellar newscast that have fallen fatally in a large percentage of people who have later expressed it publicly on social networks. The same fans, athletes and coaches, because it is not only what he has said but in the authoritative way he has done it. But we will not go into a reminder now of his most controversial speeches that almost equate him in unpopularity with his colleague Rodolfo García.

What was it that Pavel said this time that made a sports coach upset to the point of dedicating a harsh post to him on his personal Facebook profile?

Nothing less than base work, one of his all-time favorites. And that happens among other things, because in these topics a banquet is given when criticizing for being the most fragile part of the rope, which in turn, is the one that has to be sacrificed the most with the worst reward when compared with the rest of the Cuban sports chain.

The main reason was based on the extremely discreet results of women’s volleyball for more than a decade. For Pavel one of the main causes of being increasingly distant from an elite in which we have reigned for many years, is precisely the bad work in the minor categories.

His comment was publicly contested by several coaches of this particular discipline and supported by fans who know very well how much is spent in those initial steps to be able to work and contribute to individual and collective development.

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One of those who dedicated a few words to him was Alejandro Boudet Fuentes, who is dedicated to preparing future volleyball players in the EIDE Mártires de Barbados of the capital’s municipality of Cotorro.

“What does Mr. Pavel Otero know about sports?”, The post begins. “I know a lot of volleyball technicians who work on the base and they are excellent. Of many sports in general, which are the ones that are sacrificed by recruiting students in schools, training under tremendous sun so that this man who is so albino comes to see that not even the sun catches, to blame the coaches of the base because Cuban sports It goes wrong”.

And then Boudet Fuentes continued with an even harsher tone. “Sir, respect yourself, the base coach is possibly the one who has the least recognition and the one who goes through the most work. Come on, I invite you to stand on a field and have to deal with 20 students of different ages and from different families with different ways of thinking. After you prepare them, join them on a train, go compete and bring results for your province. So you can see that it is not easy. Well, for you yes. It is very unethical to criticize the work of other professionals ”, concluded the letter of the graduate in Physical Culture and Sports.

One of those who supported what was expressed by Alejandro was the well-known basketball coach Rainel Panfet, who was projected on the little attention that the base receives from the institutions in order to develop the work in the best possible way.

Nobody doubts that there are corrupt and mediocre coaches, but wanting to take short handles with those people who have a thousand difficulties to work and have results is a shameful opportunism of Otero.

The lack of conditions in essential issues such as implements, facilities, salary and food together with the fact that they are generally the most forgotten technicians or teachers when the athlete becomes a figure of high performance. And to that add how difficult it is today to work with children and young people due to the social and economic conditions that surround them, which end up influencing the purely sports field.

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Women’s volleyball has had multiple factors that have impacted against it and today they have it in a very deep hole.

It would be good if this media “professional” did not only investigate further the true and complex environment of the sport at the base before continuing to blame only those who are convenient for him.

The lack of level of a solid team began long before the problems at the base began and Pavel knows those reasons. The point is that holding the authorities responsible for a good part of the exodus of volleyball players is not part of his script because he knows the consequences perfectly.

With the Cuban volleyball of both sexes dissimilar errors have been committed by the institutional part. From the lack of contracts at the beginning to later closing the doors of the national team to all those who one day decided to withdraw and sign on their own abroad, to disciplinary decisions that could be handled differently (the Finland case and the Beijing case 2008 for example). And to them add all the problems in the sports and social life conditions of the majority of those who decided to take a different course.

Nor can it be forgotten that today many of the “brunettes of the Caribbean” have decided to disconnect from the game for dissimilar reasons, including lack of motivation or prioritizing other things that report more to fundamental aspects of their lives.

The base is very important because the future depends on it. But when criticizing you have to do it evenly and recognize the positive and the negative of each part, something that Pavel Otero forgot a long time ago, who changed respect for his profession and towards the just for a speech that every day convinces less to people.

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Cuban coach puts commentator Pavel Otero in his place