Cuban baseball player met with President Díaz-Canel about leaks of athletes

By Full Swing

No matter how hackneyed the speech may seem, no matter how much the people who wield it no longer believe it, Cuban officials continue to insist on worn and outdated arguments that, judging by the facts, have no effect on young Cuban athletes who go abroad.

Yorbis Borroto, current captain of the Avileños Tigers, who for several years was a member of the national team and three-time national champion in 2012, 2015 and 2016, has made the news at two different times this week in a couple of meetings held with INDER executives and even with Díaz Canel himself.

Precisely the first of them was with the island’s highest president, on October 9, at that time he expressed that: “If we start from the bottom – he said about the ideological political work with the youngest, in these times of social networks – they don’t confuse us so much; They didn’t confuse me ”. Adding, in addition, that he was also “priced, but he did not” let himself be bought. “

Of course, let’s remember that Borroto played with several contracts in Canada protected by the Cuban Baseball Federation, in which, according to various sources, he earned between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars a month.

A similar empty speech and without arguments expressed in the tour that the Vice President of INDER, Omar Venegas, made through the Avilanian territory. As the journalist Guillermo Rodríguez Gato points out on his Twitter profile, “the captain of the Avilanian Tigres and one of the emblematic figures of baseball in this province, Yorbis Borroto, said that we have to work more on the ideological formation of the athletes when they start in sports schools”.

According to the 36-year-old player, he believes that this is the solution to stop the overwhelming migratory flow and “desertions” of players and athletes, each time at younger ages. Without going any further, let us remember what happened in the Under 23 World Cup where half of the representative team of Cuba made the decision not to return to the island.

Nothing friends, that things do not seem that they are going to change much in the immediate future for Cuban baseball, if the solution to the problems is to give more “grind” and not take the bull by the horns and shirt removed, eliminate all the rotten that for several years has affected not only baseball or sports, but an entire nation and a people.