Cuban authorities “expel” from the country once again two of the greatest talents of Cuban pitching

By SwingCompleto /

The adjective “expelled” sounds strong, and we are convinced that a few will be uncomfortable with it, but no other conclusion can be drawn after a new procedure by those in charge of forming the national teams in which two of the national teams are again excluded. most talented pitchers in Cuba.

In this case, “expelled” is something metaphorical, indirect, totally literal. But if we are objective the new exclusion of the great prospects Yunior Tur (Santiago de Cuba) and Yosimar Cousin (Camagüey) practically leaves these young people only one way out if they want to go beyond launching within Cuba.

After being marginalized from all the events that took place and for having in this 2021 (Pre-Olympic, Caribbean Cup and U-23 World Cup), in the announcement of the national preselection to get from there the team that will participate in the Youth Pan American Games in Cali the names of these two serpentineros are absent again.

From the statements of the U23 manager Eriel Sánchez in which he said that Tur and Cousín had not made the grade due to discipline and patriotism, it was clear that the performance in the most recent baseball campaign was not taken into account to separate them from a selection in which ultimately half of its members ended up deserting.

According to sources close to these athletes, both have been investigated on suspicion of wanting to leave the country taking advantage of the trip to an international event. Anyway, nowadays whoever wants to leave Cuba does not depend as much as before on being part of a team that travels abroad.

Certainly and as has happened so many times in which they have put their eye to certain players or athletes in general, this type of decision to the only thing they contribute is to help the athlete end up leaving the country if he was undecided about certain totally understandable reasons.

Both pitchers are empowered enough to win a contract in any baseball in the world, including the United States. Of course, reaching the Major Leagues will depend on the performance they develop in the affiliates after their link with one of the 30 MLB organizations is made official.

Cousín for several years became one of the main starters of Camagüey and one of the most respected on the Island for his speed, while Tur, from being a boy with perspectives, became the best closer of the 60th National Series, pitching with the Santiago wasps.

In perfect physical and health condition, plus his outstanding performance in Cuba, what was expressed by Eriel is now ratified with this preselection in which they are not even taken into account after the massive loss that occurred in the Mexican contest. These pitchers are unreliable today for the authorities who decide who goes and who stays. Gaining trust in those decision makers can take many years and sacrifices that they are probably not willing to put at risk.

That is why the exclusion of Yosimar and Yunior is more than anything an indirect declaration of expulsion, because in a country with so many economic limitations it is totally impossible to depend on what generates the National Series, without options to resolve “something” with a team Cuba or improve a little more with a contract in a foreign league with ties to the FCB. But even of that right now they are marginalized.

Unfortunately that is a reality in the is internally where blockades, siren songs and campaigns to promote emigration occur. And they have not been and will not be the only examples, which will never find a fair mention of Pavel Otero in the news, or of Rodolfo García and Evián Guerra when narrating the ball on Tele Rebelde, nor in the writings of Jit, Prensa Latina or Cubadebate. Only “the bad guys” like us will take care of that, so that later when what almost everyone knows will happen happens, they will not come to blame the same old ones for convenience.