Cubadebate fires sports journalist who criticized baseball commissioner

The official media Cubadebate canceled the contract of sports journalist Boris Luis Cabrera Acosta, one of the reporters who had criticized the national baseball commissioner, Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, for lying on national television.

“I want to tell the readers who have asked me that I will no longer collaborate with Cubadebate because my contract there was closed”, The journalist reported this Wednesday on his Facebook page.

Facebook / Boris Luis Cabrera Acosta

Although Cabrera Acosta did not want to clarify the reasons for his dismissal, he hinted that it is related to the controversy in which several official journalists were involved, after publicly criticizing the commissioner, and later being excluded from a press conference by the Cuban Baseball Federation.

“About the reasons that were given to me I prefer not to speak, in the end it is a decision of the direction of that site and it is not worth sterile defenses or promoting media shows. If I make this publication, it is because I have always given communication the importance it deserves and I cannot simply disappear from there through the back door without giving an explanation to those who have followed me on their pages for more than four years, “he commented. .

Cabrera Acosta took pride in his work while he was a collaborator of the official media, in which “the summaries of the matches of the domestic championships, and the follow-up of our national team in international tournaments, were never lacking.”

“It was more than 1600 days writing about that passion of ours with my own resources, and despite illnesses, family commitments, bad connections, and blackouts, I managed to ensure that the texts were always there with the immediacy that readers deserve”, he claimed.

In addition, he assured that he will continue working “from my trench in Tribuna de La Habana, a medium where I have always received great support and it is understood, as our National Hero José Martí would say, that criticism is to point out the black mole with a noble intent, and to vanish with a pious hand the shadow that darkens the beautiful work.”

At the beginning of October, Cabrera Acosta, together with Joel García, Norland Rosendo González and Jhonah Díaz González, were excluded from the press conference offered by the National Directorate of Cuban Baseball and the Teammate firm.

According to a post by Facebook user Alejandro Díaz Álvarez, the exclusion from the conference was due to “some punitive measure by the governing body of baseball against these journalists” for having criticized the organizational problems that delayed the start of the I Elite League of Cuban baseball. .

In the aforementioned conference, the president of Teammate Sport International, Alessandro Tommasi, and the CEO of that company, Rafael Callés, explained the reasons for the non-arrival of all the uniforms that were ordered from their company, which caused the postponement from the start of the Elite League.

These official media reporters Latin Press, workers, Cubadebate Y Rebel Youth “constructively criticized the situation created with the temporary suspension of the aforementioned series for not having the clothing for its start despite the fact that the CNB Commissioner and FCB President, Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, assured in the Round Table that they they were in Cuba,” said Díaz Álvarez.

In an article published around that time in CubadebateJoel García, one of the journalists excluded from the press conference, who seems not to have suffered the same fate as Cabrera Acosta, attacked the director Pérez Pardo for having informed “the public that all the seizures were ready for the 8 October.”

“Is it so difficult to reason that aside from all the real problems of emigration of players, lack of resources, need to update our coaches, etc., the most inexcusable thing is the lack of credibility caused by this episode?” Garcia questioned. .

The first edition of the Cuban Baseball Elite League started last Saturday, with a delay of 15 days with respect to the scheduled dateto “the non-arrival of an essential part of the uniforms designed for the teams”, as announced by the National Commission of that sport.

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Cubadebate fires sports journalist who criticized baseball commissioner