Criollos de Caguas will start the season at the Cayey stadium

The Caguas Criollos will begin the 2021-2022 season of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League (Lbprc) at their home for the past few years, the Pedro Montañez stadium, in Cayey.

The Yldefonso Solá Morales stadium, in Caguas, will not be ready for the defending champions’ opening day on November 6, when they receive a visit from the Mayagüez Indians.

“We are going to start the season there (in Cayey). We will play six to seven games “, explained the administrator of the Creole ninth, Joaquín Pérez, to THE SPOKESMAN.

Last Tuesday, the official Major League examiner, Murray Cook, visited the legendary Cagüeño stadium to perform an visual inspection. However, Cook was unable to issue any type of approval report because they are still making repairs to the backyard fence and dressing rooms.

In addition, some posts that go in the middle of the home plate arrived defective from the factory and they had to send for others, according to Pérez.

“There are some issues of shipments that have been delayed due to the situation in the ports. (Sanjurjo Maintenance Services) had a set date to deliver the park, but these are things that are not in their hands. The weather has not helped either for (Manuel) Sanjurjo to install the gate. So instead of giving us the park at the beginning of November, possibly it will be in the middle of November ”, said the manager.

Pérez indicated that the Solá Morales playing field “is ready to be played.”

Once the park is delivered, then Cook will return to the Island again to do the official inspection.

For its part, the Cayey stadium passed Cook’s inspection and you just have to fix “one thing or another,” according to Pérez, like fixing the bullpen and the pitching plate.

“I ask the fans of the Criollos to be a little patient. The works are being finalized. The municipality has been very good at this. We all want to play in Caguas. We are waiting to be in Caguas and we are sure that by December we envision that we can be in Solá Morales, in Caguas, “said Pérez.


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Criollos de Caguas will start the season at the Cayey stadium