Corey Seager confesses how he felt when he learned of Trea Turner’s trade to Dodgers

One day before the deadline for making exchanges between clubs of MLB, the Dodgers They gave a tremendous blow of authority after announcing that they had made the services of two of the highest figures of the Nationals: Max scherzer Y Trea turner.

Although the Los Angeles team was one of teams interested in the three-time Cy Young did not seem strange, especially given the recent losses of several of its starting pitchers and the urgency to add an arm of experience like this veteran’s. However, what drew powerfully attention was that they had acquired a starting shortstop like Turner, with the star being about to return to the lineup. Corey seager.

On bringing Trea Turner to Los Angeles, Seager opened up about what went through his mind when he found out that the Blue and Whites had acquired perhaps one of the best shortstops today, but also one of the least valued in the majors.

“Excited to add a good piece like this. We are adding a couple of really good pieces to our team that will really help us down the stretch.” He disclosed the spiky short stop to Bill Plunkett of the Southern California News Group.

In other words, even though the Dodgers acquired another shortstop, Seager explained that he wasn’t upset with the addition of Turner because of what it means overall to the team.

“I’d like to play shortstop. I want to play shortstop. But we’ll see where it goes.” Seager declared regarding what position he wants to play in the remainder of the season, his last current contract with Los Angeles.

Ismael Hernandez

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