CONTRACT EXTENSION for Pito Abreu would be just around the corner

By Juan Paez

It is a fact that Joseph Abreu He entered the last year of his contract with the Chicago White Sox, the one he signed in November 2019 for three seasons and $50 million. But although the man from Cienfuegos is just 35 years old, the reality is that he still remains the heart of the white-legged lineup and the captain de facto of the team.

So strong is the link between Chicago and the Cuban slugger that CBS Sports, in a work published this Wednesdayplaced him among the candidates to receive a contract extension once the lockout ends, which has frozen transactions at the Major League level.

Fortunately for Abreu, he did not disappoint at all in the first two years of his current contract. The West Indian participated in 212 games of 222 total commitments played by the White Sox in the regular round between 2020 and 2021, he has had 224 total hits so far, with 45 doubles, 49 home runs, 177 RBI, 129 runs scored and 79 walks. In that period, in addition to winning the Silver Slugger and the AL MVP in 2020, his offensive line was .278 / .356 / .521.

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Even with young Andrew Vaughn as a possible replacement for the first-half slugger, it seems unlikely the White Sox will let go of the man who still carries the lineup to this day. However, this may have been the last three-year deal for Abreu. Everything indicates, according to his age, that what will be seen soon will be short agreements of one or two seasons.

The aforementioned medium, in its recent publication, speculates on the possibility that, in the event that the white-legged extend Pito’s current contract, it may be for two more years and a figure between 26 and 30 million dollars.

At this age, Abreu continues to prove that he is a highly productive hitter and a figure who can stay away from injury. It seems that there will be Abreu for a while. Will he be with the White Sox? He will depend on them. We will see.

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CONTRACT EXTENSION for Pito Abreu would be just around the corner