Comparison of the contracts that Luis Severino and Germán Márquez have

Luis Severino and Germán Márquez are listed as two good Latin pitchers in the MLBHowever, at present both arms live different moments. The Dominican of the New York Yankees he just returned from an injury that kept him out for almost two years.

While the Colorado Rockies right-hander has been an important piece of his club, serving as the first pitcher of the team’s rotation during 2021.

When reviewing the investments made by their respective organizations we find that Severino he has made $ 24.5 million in the last three major league seasons, according to Spotrac data, in which he has only been able to record just 5 innings pitched with 7 strikeouts in 3 games.

This makes it clear that the Bronx club office has not been able to have a good return on its investment compared to the Dominican who is 43-26 in 6 seasons in New York and that it has cost him perhaps not to reach at least one World Series in the same period.