Clint Frazier revealed why the Yankees were easy to forget

The gardener Clint frazier explained why it was so easy for him to give up New York Yankees and because he will do better with the Chicago Cubs in the MLB.

In the end, however, Frazier landed with the Cubs for a one-year salary of $ 1.5 million in 2022 just before the MLB lockout.

“It’s really exciting for me,” Frazier said on Barstool Sports’ “The Short Porch” podcast, released Wednesday. “There are many factors that made Chicago very desirable to me.” The 27-year-old gardener made his way down the list. He said those factors meant that “there is no doubt that I am going to sign with the Cubs.”

Reasons Clint Frazier went to the Cubs

  1. Her fiance’s best friend is dating Cubs second baseman Nick Madrigal.
  2. His fiancee went to Loyola University in Chicago.
  3. New Cubs general manager Carter Hawkins was the Indians’ farm manager for much of Frazier’s time in the Cleveland organization. “He knew me very well,” Frazier said.
  4. One of his agents had represented Cubs manager David Ross.
  5. His other agent went to college with Ross and also coached Hawkins in baseball at Vanderbilt.

“There were so many things that it was like, I go there,” Frazier said.

Frazier said he also received a couple of other major league offers but that, with the lockout looming at the time, he wanted to close a deal.

“I tried to sign before the lockout just because I knew it wasn’t going to be at the top of everyone’s priority list,” Frazier said. “I wanted to handle my situation before some of these other guys who needed to sign did. It was strange, but I have no complaints. “

Frazier said his agent called him when he was officially educated at DFA on Nov. 19.

“My agent has been the best thing that has happened to me through this process right now,” said Frazier. “He called me and I said hi and he said, ‘I always told you that if I had bad news, I would call you. You will get DFA-ed. You’re going to go through exemptions. I have eight, nine teams right now that want to sign you. No one will pick you up. This is how it will go. He exposed it. Now, don’t call (beep) anyone after this call, I’ll call you later. Then he hung up. He told me that (Yankees general manager Brian) Cashman was going to call me. “

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Clint Frazier revealed why the Yankees were easy to forget