CLEAN STICK Santiago subdued Cienfuegos, Matanzas WENT OUT with Granma. Summary Series 61

By Pablo Pichardo/ @Pablo_Pichardo1

The Cocodrilos de Matanzas and the Vegueros de Pinar del Río managed to even their matches with wins against Granma and Camagüey, respectively. While the Wasps rose to second place in the standings after beating the basement elephants.

Crocodiles hit back at the Sorrels

Despite coming out below the scoreboard in the second inning, the Matanzas squad managed to reverse the score to take the victory with a 5×4 scoreboard, in a match that was attended by 7,520 fans at the Victoria de Girón stadium. .

The Alazanes struck at the beginning of the second inning when they hit three extra-base hits, a home run by Carlos Benítez, a double by Avilés and a triple by Alexquemer Sánchez, which allowed them to step on the home plate three times against the shipments of starter Yanmichel Pérez.

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During the third, fourth and fifth innings, Armando Ferrer’s pupils managed to go through the register to add a total of five runs against the shipments of starter Manuel Frometa, relievers Luís Miguel González and Juan Danilo Pérez, who ultimately turned out to be the match loser.

The eastern squad hit the board in the eighth inning after emerging Pedro Almeida singled to right to drive in Yosvany Millán. In that same entry they managed to have a tie and an advantage in circulation, but their fourth player Carlos Benítez was removed by way of strikeout.

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The success in the match was at the expense of Yanmichel who already has five wins without losses so far in the 61st National Series while reliever Joel Suárez recorded his second point per saved game.


Wasps sting in duel with bats

In a little more than four hours of duration, the group of wasps from Santiago de Cuba managed to ascend to second place in the standings with a 16×12 victory against the basement elephants from Cienfuegos.

Eriberto Rosales’ troupe managed to step on the rubber in seven of the nine innings, highlighting the four in the eighth inning that ultimately defined the challenge, which was influenced by the unstoppable captain Adriel Labrada with bases loaded.

For their part, the Elephants with a greater number of indisputable than their rivals (17 the southerners for 16 the winners) only went through the register 12 times.

As has become customary in the country’s biggest sporting event, the lack of control of the pitchers made an appearance by awarding 20 tickets between the two teams (13 for the elephants and seven for the people from Santiago), influencing the parade of 14 pitchers for the mound.

The big man on offense was waiter Dasiel Sevila, adding three hits in as many at-bats, including a home run and four RBIs.


Vegueros take revenge with their ace on the mound

With good pitching work by veteran Vladimir Baños, the Pinar del Río squad achieved its thirteenth success of the campaign with a 6×2 scoreboard against its counterpart from Camagüey.

The locals managed to take off and secure the victory in the closing match after adding two runs in the seventh and eighth innings that allowed the relievers to work more comfortably.

The starter for the Bulls, Pedro Luís Guzmán, despite working for seven innings, suffered his fifth loss of the campaign by enduring four runs and seven hits.


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CLEAN STICK Santiago subdued Cienfuegos, Matanzas WENT OUT with Granma. Summary Series 61