Ciego BREAK UNDEFEATED Matanzas, Mayabeque DOES NOT LOSE, Cienfuegos WON the 1st. National Series Summary

By Robiel Vega/@robielcuba87

In a day of very few home runs and great performances by Danny Betancourt, Yoanni Yera and Yoen Socarrás, the Hurricanes kept their unbeaten record, the Crocodiles lost it and the Elefantes from Cienfuegos achieved their first victory in this National Series.

Elephants made the cross before some Lumberjacks who did not give up

The Cienfuegos Elefantes had no mercy with the weak pitching of Las Tunas and with a cluster of eight runs in the fourth inning they eliminated any chance of victory for the Lumberjacks who have not yet found stability at the start of the season.

The veteran Yoelkis Cruz from Las Tunas was punished early and in just 2.1 innings they made four runs, three of them clean, they connected five hits, he gave away two walks and hit a ball.

For the southerners, Pável Quesada and Luis Vicente Mateo stood out on the offensive, with a couple of trailers each. The starter, Hermes González, a right-hander with discreet results in six previous seasons, knew how to overcome difficulties and, although he was poorly defended at times, walked enough innings to score success.

The Lumberjacks took advantage of the lack of control of the southern pitchers and scored six in the eighth to make the match more interesting, but they were insufficient to match the actions.

The first Cienfuegos victory came with marker 12×9, the success went to the starter Hermes González and the defeat to Yoelkis Cruz, the closer Carlos Damián Ramírez scored the save. No home runs were connected in the clash.

Danny, as in his best times, handcuffed the Vegueros

One of the pitchers in the history of the Wasps of Santiago de Cuba, the four-time national champion and 2004 Athens Olympic titleholder, Danny Betancourt, had a superb performance in Capitan San Luis and for six innings he handcuffed the Pinar del Rio offense that could barely connect four indisputable. It was the 147th victory in his career.

With a five-run rally in the top of the fifth inning, Cuba’s eight-time starters sealed the game. Keys were the hits by Yoelkis Guibert and Ruden Sánchez, in both cases they drove in a couple of runs. The starter from Pinar del Río, Yasiel Zambrana, who has not yet won his first game in the National Series, exploded after four and a third innings with three earned runs allowed.

Reliever Yoandri Montero did wonders for three innings to earn a save; allowing only two hits, both in the eighth inning.

Seven hits were shot by Santiago and six by the volleyball players, one error was made on the field and no homers were connected.

Hurricanes remained undefeated and traced the Gallos

Yoen Socarrás, as a starter, did a commendable job and after 5 innings he left a 2×0 lead, with only one hit allowed, two walks and seven strikeouts. Despite this, reliever José Luis Braña could not hold the difference and could not aspire to victory.

The Gallos opened the scoreboard in the second with a couple of runs, but in the bottom of the sixth the Hurricanes rebelled and with a double by Alexander Pozo, a walk with the house full to Lázaro Hernández and a pass ball by Yunior Ibarra, they made the three goals necessary to win.

But in the eighth the Mayabeque party continued, with a home run by Yasniel González, a two-run double by Jonat Colomina and a triple by Miguel Camacho, who marked the ones that would end up sentencing the Roosters and allowed the Hurricanes to remain undefeated in this National Series.

The final score was 8×2, with success to the account of Yulián Quintana, in relief roll, the defeat went to José Luis Braña and Marlon Vega scored a save, his first of the season.

Tigres roared in the land of Crocodiles and snatched the undefeated

Coming from below, with a group of three in the eighth inning, the Avilanian Tigers broke the undefeated Crocodiles, who were unable to take advantage of Yoanni Yera’s fantastic pitching performance for seven innings, in which he struck out 10 rivals, leader in this department, withstood a clean and connected five hits, with a ticket given away.

Despite being handcuffed, the Tigers dug their claws into relievers Armando Dueñas and Carlos Álvarez, where singles by Yorbis Borroto and Raúl González were essential. The decisive one entered through a pass ball by Roberto Loredo, which opened the doors of the plate to Raúl Valdés. In the ninth they scored the lace for a single by Yuddiel González that pushed in Alexander Jiménez.

The final score was 5×3 and the victory went to the account of Kevin Soto, while Armando Dueñas charged with defeat. Yosvany Ávalos got his second save of the year and no home runs were hit.

In other results: Industriales defeated Granma 8×4, Villa Clara achieved its first victory at the expense of Camagüey 10×2, the Island did the same against the Holguineros 9×6 and the Indios shook off the Cazadores with a 5×3 victory.

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Ciego BREAK UNDEFEATED Matanzas, Mayabeque DOES NOT LOSE, Cienfuegos WON the 1st. National Series Summary