Chris Archer’s trade to Pirates still gives Rays reason to laugh

As one of the biggest fiascos in the foreign exchange market in recent years, July 31, 2018 is still remembered, when the Pittsburgh Pirates were hosting one of the biggest promising stars on the mound in Chris archer since the Tampa Bay Rays, a movement that is remembered as a real armed robbery.

From that change the Pirates gave the Rays to the players Tyler Glasnow, Austin Meadows and Shane baz, the latter the recent perfect example of what has simply had the slogan of a “managerial disaster.”

After this movement, the Pirates obtained from Chris Archer a whole knot of complications, mainly guided by the arrival of injuries, while the Rays have since seen Tyler Glasnow as their main pitcher and a mountaineer of great projections for the MLB, while at Austin Meadows a performing regular role player in his lineup.

As to Shane baz, has been the least focused of that movement, saw his name swim among the Top 100 Baseball Prospects since 2018, this 2021, specifically on September 20 he saw the dream of thousands of children in the world, to debut in Big leagues.

Baz made a work of art on his debut and first opening in MLB during five episodes of action, where he gave up two hits and two touchdowns, without walking and scoring five strikeouts, in what was a performance of 65 pitches, of which 51 were strikes, as a sign of his great dominance from the mound, in a game where he scored his first major league win.

And oh, surprise! Chris Archer also returned to the Rays facing this 2021 through the free agency of MLB, after the Pirates chose to decline an agreement option for the current season, causing the pitcher to return to Tampa Bay with a US $ 6.5 million agreement and a one-year agreement.

While Rays laugh, the Pirates cry!