Checo and Max changed the curves of the track for those of baseball

Accustomed to taking curves from 90 to 250 kilometers per hour and straight lines of more than 320 km/h, the Red Bull drivers, Max Verstappen Y Sergio Perezthey changed them for meek pitches to the plate.

Invited by the Miami Marlins to throw out the first pitch in Wednesday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Formula 1 drivers let go of their arms, as much as possible, in one of the first activities of the weekend of the first Grand Prix of F1.

With advice from Jesus Aguilar, Avisail Garcia Y Miguel RojasCzech and Max They put on the glove and started warming up, and although baseball isn’t their thing, they managed to find enough distance and range to avoid having an embarrassing moment on the mound.

The “bodies” of pilots and players were contrasting, since while Checo and Max could be very lanky outfielders or shortstops, the Marlins players perfectly measure up to an NFL linebacker. But the admiration was mutual and there was the usual exchange of shirts, hugs and photos.

To the The circle of advisers was joined by the soccer star, Kaká, who immediately took the talk to the field, but about football.

The moment of truth arrived and first Max Verstappen with an open shot and a bounce fulfilled the mission, while Checo did it with a float directly to Aguilar’s glove.

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Checo and Max changed the curves of the track for those of baseball