Charlie Montoyo: “I did everything I could”

Charlie montoyo account that yesterday Sunday, after the elimination of his Toronto Blue Jays, went and looked in the mirror and saw a leader who did the job.

Montoyo and the Blue Jays were eliminated in the final game of the season because, although they won, the New York Yankees (92-70) and the Boston Red Sox (92-70) were also victorious in their respective league games. day to strike out their tickets to the postseason via the American League wild card spots with a one-game advantage each over Toronto (91-71).

They deserved to get there. They deserved to enter “

–Charlie Montiyo, manager of the Blue Jays

The Blue Jays’ 91 wins weren’t enough for the team to qualify for the postseason, but they were indicative of a successful season for all parties, including the third-year Puerto Rican manager.

“I did everything I could. I’m happy that I did things and how I worked with the guys. I look at myself in the mirror and, yes, what I see is a yes, I feel good about myself, ”Montoyo said.

Never in baseball history has a division had four teams win 90 games each. The Montoyo Blue Jays were one of those along with the perennial leaders Yankees and Red Sox, and the impressive and division champions, the Tampa Bay Rays (100-62).

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. had an MVP season with the Toronto Blue Jays. (Frank Gunn)

Montoyo was hurt by the elimination for his players, who won big games, struggled with situations, endured pressure and yet are not playing in the postseason.

“They deserved to go in. They deserved to get there. They had three parks. They played in a tough division. For many of the players it was their first full season and they won 91 games. They deserved to get in, ”he noted without mentioning that between August and September they put together a 17-win run in 22 starts that included a four-game sweep against the Yankees.

The Blue Jays season was led by Vladimir Guerrero, son, who had a season worthy of being considered for the MVP award. The Dominican, among other things, finished as a co-leader of home runs in the majors with 48 along with Venezuelan Salvador Pérez.

Toronto also had great contributions from Marcus semien, who hit 45 home runs, from starter Robbie Ray, who is a Cy Young candidate, and Puerto Rican right-hander José Berríos, who was a great help after the team acquired him from the Minnesota Twins.

Montoyo said the team overcame difficult situations and prevailed because positivity persisted in the clubhouse.

“It was because of the leadership and the coaches that we stayed positive. Whatever happens, we are always the same, especially with young boys, ”he said.

The 2020 Blue Jays reached the postseason with Montoyo. But they did so in a 60-game season shortened by COVID. The team full of young players was not exposed that year to the exhaustion of hundreds of games.

Jose Berríos is 4-2 with a 2.93 ERA in his last seven outings with the Blue Jays.
Jose Berríos is 4-2 with a 2.93 ERA in his last seven outings with the Blue Jays. (Jim Mone)

The Blue Jays of 2021 leave a good projection for 2022, when they return to the load with one more year of experience Guerrero, Bo Bichette, Teoscar Hernández, Lourdes Gurriel, a healthy George springer and the retention of Berríos, which went down well in Toronto.

Montoyo, who signed an extension for the 2022 season this year, noted that the core of the team remains and grows stronger, adding that they have to deal with Ray and Semien’s free agencies plus the search for some left-handed hitters.

“Berríos was very important, and we also have him next year. We had starters with chances to win. When Springer was healthy, the team played well above .500. He’s the highest paid on the team and he’s also a good person. Pitching is always important, Ray goes to free agency. Semien is also a free agent. But the core of Guerrero, Bo, Teoscar, Gurriel is going to be there. You have to get left-handed hitters because our lineup is right-handed, ”Montoyo said.